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Creation vs. Evolution

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Missing Links
     Many people in the world have claimed to find these missing links between animal and man. These finds are said to support evolution, but in turn all they do is put evolution down. Several examples of missing links are, Piltdown man, Neanderthal man, Australopithecus, and Homo Erectus. All of these missing links have been proven false, and as hoaxes. One point for creation.
Shrinking Sun
     Scientist today have noticed something about our sun. The sun seems to be shrinking. Based on this information scientists can actually measure how much the sun has shrunk. This means that they can tell how big the sun would have been at any certain time. So take the argument from evolutionists that the earth is billions of years old. When scientists calculate this, the sun would have swallowed the earth. One more point for creation.
Moon Dust
     Scientists have also found something as a result of our travels to the moon. They have noticed that the moon collects dust from outer space. They have found the rate at which the dust accumulates on the moon. So they now can tell that the moon is relatively young, because if it were billions of years old there would be a lot more dust on the moon than there is right now. Evolutionists have slipped up and said that the earth and moon are about the same age. So this pushes them into a corner once again. Creation three, Evolution zero.
Magnetic Field
     Scientists have realized that the magnetic poles loose strength every so often. They know the rate in which the magnetic strength decays, so they now can predict what it used to have been at any given point in time. So the said what if the earth was billions of years old, what would the magnetic field look like. Well it would be so strong that we would suck almost everything into us, somewhat like the sun. Once again Creation is greater than Evolution.
     There was a Dutchman named Hugo DeVries who found something interesting one day. He found a flower that had mutated. All of the Evolutionists went crazy over this and thought that this was their big breakthrough as to how life evolved. But scientists refute this claim because they can find no incident where a mutation is good. Every mutation that they have come across has hurt or damaged the organism. They describe a process called natural selection. This means that nature gets rid of its weaknesses. Nature has clearly shown how mutations are at the bottom of the food chain. They simply don’t survive.
     Another interesting thing is the fossil record. Evolutionists say everything about missing links; oh there is missing links out there. Not one has been found, not even in the fossils. If there were missing links the fossil record would show us the intermediate species. But there are none.
     Scientists have noted another thing about evolution. Evolutions claim that there was a big bang and life was sort of kick started into existence. Scientist see that nothing good ever comes out of explosions. No one has ever seen any good. The only thing explosions bring about is destruction.
     Another interesting thing scientists have found is that radioactive material after time gives off helium, which goes up into our atmosphere. They have found out the rate of the give off, and can calculate how much should be there if the earth is really billions of years old. Well if the earth was billions of years old then there would be a whole lot of helium in our atmosphere. Well guess what, there isn’t.
     DNA is one of the most complex compositions in human life. There are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ways to put together DNA, and all this could happen bye chance? Yeah right.
Fossil Development
     Scientists know how fossils develop, things have to be encased in some kind of dirt of silt and left for a long time to form into a rock. But how did these organisms get into the rocks? Evolutionists cant really explain that, so the only other explanation that makes sense is a huge universal flood, as taught in the bible.

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