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Compare Of Naturalism In ?The Jungle? And ?Maggie?

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Stephan Crane’s “Maggie: A Girl of the Street” and Upton Sinclair’s “Jungle” are both representing the real life when they are compared with each other. The events and the opinions in these short stories are corresponding with naturalistic thought and it is showed by observation technique to the readers. The characters of the stories are become the victims of the social laws that they are struggling to breach the social and economic problems which are set upon them at birth. Thus, it is important to fit the characters to ‘naturalism’ because the social circumstances, even environments, are natural and hence unavoidable. When both these stories are read, it is seen that they fit to all these aspects of ‘naturalism’.
Stephan Crane’s “Maggie: a Girl of the Street” is an observation of a real life and the characters of the story are depicted from their childhoods to their adult life in order to present the elaborating incidents of real life, better. The main characters of the story are Maggie and Jimmie, who are brothers and sisters. The story takes place in the quarter of a town called “Rum Alley”; the inhabitants of this quarter are low scale people and we can say that, showing apparently the inhabitants daily lives depicts pessimistic way of life. These depictions help readers to conceive the circumstances and the living condition of the characters. People of the quarter accept and adopted to live a life of worst, degrading and have no future. Though Maggie is not the only one who born into the poor conditions, but it is Maggie, who tries and desires to attempt to relieve herself of them.
Jimmie, brother of Maggie, is a little boy about ten or twelve years old and he fights with the other quarters, “Devil’s Row”, boys for the so-called honor of Rum Alley. His father is a man always drinking and his mother is also drinking and always pounding Tommie, the little baby brothers of Jimmie and Maggie. Only Maggie is different from all these people that she wants to live a better life and get rid of this quarter. Briefly, both Maggie and Jimmie lived a hard childhood and much times passes from their chilhood and author tells about their adult life. Jimmie is described as a violent man who has no certain job; drinkink and stumbling at the stairs as his father done. Maggie is described as a beautiful young girl who gets a job making collars and cuffs. In fifth chapter, novella turns to its aim, Maggie, who is the protogonist character of the story. One day Pete, who is the boy got Jimmie from the fight in his childhood, comes to visit and she admires him. He dressed well and Maggie always admired a lover like Pete. But she is in a degrading position because of her household and Maggie falls in love to pete at the end of sixth chapter.

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