Having Children

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Essay #1 having children

     There are many benefits of having children. Such benefits are can show love and affection, closer family ties, feeling of immortality, sence of accomplishment and a big one is being cared for when your at an old age (class notes).The first benefit, can show love and affection, is a nice benefit to have, because having a child give the parent an opportunity to do show love and affection to the new born and more love and affection to one another , because the couple made something positive together , and will appreciate eachother more.     
     A second benfit , which is closer family ties, in other
words its like builing your own close family support group, can share life experiences and the parent can be somewhat of a life counselor. Also a couple with a child can get closer towards one another, by both steppin in and bringing up a child together, the couple will feel more like a team.
The feeling of immortality when had a child is another
benefit. This feeling is when a parents has a child and the
parent is so high with happiness and feeling of love that it is almost like an immortal feeling, like the feeling is to good and this is so great that it is impossible for life to ever end.
     The cost of raising a child is definitly a con when having children. From when the baby is born and all the way to college or after college is a child's expenses. and having childeren now. by the time they are in college, tuition is going to go up at least 3 times the ammount for college then it is now.
The parenting style definitly affects a childs

development. the saying "like father like son" If the child

grows up in a household with no values or norms. then most

likely that child is going to hold NO values or norms. Or if

the child grows up in a household, where the parents abused

eachother or the child, then child will more than likely to

be doing the same thing when he or she is a parent.


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