Civil engineering (outline)

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Civil Engineer
I.     A construction engineer can plan, design, and build any thing from roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, and water systems all over the world.
II.     Job Information
A. Pay
1. In Idaho they get paid $17.50 to $41.88
2. Nationally they get paid $19.65 to $44.24
B. Special requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
2. Engineering license
a. 4 years as an engineer in training
b. Pass the professional engineer exam
C. Employment
1. About 228,000 work as civil engineers in Nationally
2. About 1,180 civil engineers work
III. Preparations
A. Complete a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
1. A lot get a master’s degree
B. Have strong observational skills
C. Be creative
IV. Specific Activities
A. Plan, design, and build
1. Roads
2. Buildings
3. Airports,
4. Tunnels
5. Bridges
6. Dams
7. Water systems
B. Test for strength
1. Soil
2. Materials
C. Conduct studies
1. Traffic patterns
2. Environmental conditions
V. Work conditions
A. Physical
1. Work both indoors and outdoors
2. Exposed to contaminants
3. Exposed to very hot or cold weather
4. Exposed to hazardous equipment
A.     Hours/ travel
1. Usually work standard 40-hour weeks
2. May work longer to meet deadlines
3. Travel a lot to get to work sites
B.     Interpersonal relationships
1. Deal with external costumers or associates
2. Sometimes placed in a conflict situation
VI. Common Activities
A. Think creatively
B. Use computers
C. Provide information
1. Devices
2. Equipment
3. Structures
D. Estimate
1. Size
2. Time
3. Cost
4. Quantities
5. Materials needed
VII. Skills and abilities
A. Use math and science
1. Choose a mathematical method
2. Use math skills to solve problems

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3. Use science skills to solve problems
B. Reason and problem solving
1. Analyze Ideas
2. Think of original, creative, and unusual ways to solve a problem
C. Communicate
1. Listen and understand others
2. Ask questions
VIII. A lot of the time civil engineers specialize in one area.
There are several major specialties in civil engineering like
structural, water resources,

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