The People's Republic of China

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One country that has a rich cultural history, a large population and some of the grandest mountain ranges in the world is China. This country is the third largest one and contains the world's largest population. It is also home to one of the very first recorded civilizations. Thanks to its large mountains it is rich in natural resources that had come up from the earth. China produces a large variety of things from steel, to cameras and synthetic materials. Electricity generation is one of the largest in the world. It's government is one of the oldest on earth starting in 1726. All of these things make up China, so let’s go into more detail by starting with geography.
     China is officially the People's Republic of China and is located in eastern Asia. To it's north are several countries including Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. It shares borders to the west with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and India. To the south is Bhutan, Myanmar, Veitnam, and Laos. Almost the entire east side of China is bordered by water. There are over 3,400 offshore islands, with Hainan in the South China Sea as being the largest of them all. China is about 3,696,100 square miles large not including the Republic of China. China is a very mountainous country with 43% of all land is classed as mountainous terrain. Also China has some of the largest mountains in the world, including Mt. Everest and K2. All the mountains have enclosed numerous plateaus and basins. Those areas are rich in water and mineral resources.
     China’s population is made up of mostly people under 30. The government wanted to try to control the population but was unable to. Thus China has the largest population in the world and is very crowded. Most of the people are distingueshed not by racial characteristics but by religion or language. The current population is 1,306,000,000 and increasing at an incredible rate. China speaks a language called Putongua and is known to most by Mandarin. China is trying to modify its written language to simplify it. China has two main religions: (1) Christianity (2) Buddhist. Both of these religions practice their religion openly.
     Because of China’s land diversity, it is rich in mineral resources and has an ample amount of nearly any resource known to man. It has about 20 billion metric tons of petroleum and 11 trillion metric tons of Steel.

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China’s production of tin amounts to around 10% of the entire world’s production. It’s iron ore reserves are at about 40 million metric tons. China has been an agricultural country for a very long time and now 80% of China’s sown area is devoted to food crops. China mainly produces rice and wheat, it also produces sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and various fruits and vegetables. China had a slow industrial start but now is a leader in production of various items. China has a lot of foreign technology that they use in their production.
     China’s government has been around since 1726 and was developed by the Shang dynasty. China’s latest constitution was adopted in 1982. It’s government has been developing for a long time, and has went through many changes. China’s history is a long one. China’s legends tell of a creator, P’an Ku, who was succeeded by a series of heavenly, terrestrial, and human sovereigns. China has developed in ‘dynasties’ the first one was the Hsia dynasty which ended after about 230 years until one of the rulers commited debauchery and mistreated his people and was overthrown. The Shang dynasty lasted much longer and was the first to keep historical records. The dynasties kept changing and through the World Wars different powers started to take place in China. Like the Communist party and now the current People's Republic of China.
     China is a wonderful place for vacations, it has plenty of beautiful lakes you can visit and there are several interesting festivals that you can only find there. China also has the largest mountain in the world, but it's mostly suggested that you don't try to climb it, as you may not make it. China has several imperial palaces that are extremely large and are very ornate. The most upkept one is the Forbidden City. It is approximately 580 years old and has been rebuilt several times but has kept its original architecture. It covers a total of 720,000 square meters and with a total floor area of 150,000 square meters.
     Through China's oldest recorded dynasties to our current day, it has kept up some of its most original culture and design. Many of it has been changed through the ages of it's warfare and it's being under control by other nations but it still retains its greatness.

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