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What is Body Language?Definition: Body Language is communication through gestures or attitudes. (<a href="" >Webster's Dictionary<IMG border=0 alt=icon width=1 height=1 src="" >, 1997)Why is it important for teachers to know and use?Most people remember more of what they see than what they hear. We retain vivid images of facial expressions and body behavior.Body language usually dose not lie. We can build trust with our students by showing them that our actions will be in sync with our words.Alert teachers watch their students' movements, actions, and emotions and use what they see to adjust their teaching methods to be effective with their lessons.By being alert to student behaviors, teachers can more easily predict and deter inappropriate behavior before it becomes a problem. Teachers need to be able to control their own body language so they can be in charge of the message they want to portray to the students. They can send out positive body language messages to promote positive interaction between her/himself and the students and between students and other students.Modeling positive body language is important because body language can be very contagious.Issues that contribute to one's use of body language:culture physical size gender mood past experiences age position Examples for the classroom:</bAlways observe the students' body language and be able to detect boredom. By being alert to students' body language messages you are more likely to meet their needs and interests even if they may not verbalize them. Use direct eye contact with your students. This is one of the most important nonverbal teaching skills. Look directly at the student (not at their hair, shoulder, what they are wearing). Looking any place else is too distracting for them. Do not make it a habit to stay behind or around your desk all of the time. Whether they realize it or not, some teachers use their desk as a wall of protection or symbol of authority in the classroom.

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This is a barrier for student/teacher communication. Teachers need to constantly circulate around the room to communicate with their students. Talking with individuals while the class is working can be very distracting. Learn to develop nonverbal communication with your students to let them know that you approve (smile, nod, hand signal, wink, etc.) or disapprove (raised eyebrow, pause and look, shaking head, frown, etc.) of their behavior or work.

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