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Bicycle Xing
     “The Lords Prayer is 66 words, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words, and there are 1,322 words in the Declaration of Independence, but government regulations on the sale of cabbage total 26,911 words.” This statement made from government annalist Ralph Reed in the summer of 1993, show just how absurd some government regulations can be. If something is important, we generally tend to just say it. If something is not entirely needed we just fill it full of jargon and become very longwinded. An example of a frivolous regulation is the one in Missouri that all bicycles are to be ridden on the street only. The regulation strictly forbids riding on the sidewalks. This asinine regulation violates personal liberties and should be eliminated.
     This regulation should be done away with for several reasons:
First, the regulation is ineffective. People ride their bicycles on the sidewalks currently and they are not punished for it. This means that there is little to no enforcement for this regulation. So, if the regulation isn’t observed or obeyed by the citizens of the state, and it isn’t enforced, than it does no good to have the regulation in the first place. It is not needed and therefore should be eliminated.
Next, the regulation says that bicycles should be rode in the streets, but riding a bicycle in the street can be very dangerous. In today’s society automotive drivers are distracted way too much as it is. Accidents happen because drivers are distracted by things such as cell phones, bad weather, darkness and sometimes because they just aren’t paying attention to the road ahead. Having to worry about a cyclist on the street is just another hassle that drivers should not have to put up with.
Finally, little kids learn to ride there bikes between the ages of four and six. It is very dangerous for a little child who is just learning how to handle a bicycle to ride in the street with cars that are much larger and could potentially harm them. Sometimes children swerve on there bikes because they are just getting used to them, and a child swerving into traffic could be deadly. Then this creates a problem because it’s too dangerous for a child to ride in the street, and the sidewalk is off limits, so the child has nowhere to pursue the happiness that a bicycle could bring.

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     Eliminating this crazy regulation will have an effect on many people, some in a good away and some in a not so good way. By eliminating this regulation, drivers of vehicles, children and their parents will be helped. However, pedestrians will probably complain about this because they want the sidewalks clear for them to walk or jog. The response I have for them is that bicycles are not dangerous. Riding in the street is dangerous, but riding on the sidewalk creates a safer atmosphere for bicycle enjoyment.
     In conclusion, we can realize that bicycles regulation is not needed for several reasons. The regulation doesn’t work, it creates a distraction to drivers, and it’s potentially dangerous to little children. Many people will support and benefit from the elimination of this regulation, but as always, in a proposal there will be some objection. Pedestrians just need to realize that this is a safety issue that needs to be dealt with. Also, people should be able to exercise there right to enjoy themselves on a bicycle ride in a safe environment. This regulation is like the sale of cabbage, it contains too many words.

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