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Best Friend Essay

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I am absolutely convinced that there is nothing better than getting into my warm flannel pajamas

after a long, cold, boring day at school. Walking through my front door knowing that they are waiting

for my arrival, taking off those every-girl-has-to-have-them-skin-tight-pants and putting on loose

stretchy flannel bottoms is better than an ice cold glass of lemonade on a sweltering hot summer day.

Spotting that cute matching top and pulling it over my head informs me that I am ready for an all-you-

can-eat dinner, for the elastic bottoms will stretch to extraordinary lengths. Or, should I say widths?

     Much more comes along with the joy of pajamas. Some people may think that pajamas are just

pajamas, but I think they are a style statement. They come in all different sizes, colors, and styles. There

are pajamas I could wear at work, at play, and anytime in between. They give me plenty of

maneuvering room and, if my mother wouldn't say it is embarrassing, I would wear them anywhere and

everywhere. I would even wear my black sparkle slippers with them. Being with other people in their

pajamas is great. I recall one time when my friends and I woke up early to do to Denny's in our

pajamas for breakfast. As I said, we were ready to eat. Cuddling with people in their pajamas is great

too. There's nothing poking or scratching at me and I don't have to sit like a "lady". They are comfy

in the morning, comfy all throughout the afternoon, and comfy all night long. Why wouldn't people wear

them all the time? I guess its just some kind of style trend that doesn't involve pajamas 24/7.

     So there you have it: my explanation on why flannel pajamas are my best friend. So feel free to

go out and splurge on new pajamas and show them off at work, at school, or at play. Or, grab your

adorable guy and cuddle away in your pajamas. I warn you, don't get carried away and eat all you

want all the time, those stretchy bottoms can be evil.

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