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Ballroom Dancing

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Have you did something that you didn’t really want to do, and then later get selected for
doing it? Well, I have.
     It was another beautiful Friday at Spottsville Elementary School, and ever Friday
at Spottsville was music class. But today we didn’t have music class, today was
something totally different. Our music teacher Ms.Belcher was having try-outs for Mrs.
Benson's ballroom dance team.
     To tell you the truth, I was just going to get up there and goof-off, and that I did
do. But, on that Friday something went wrong, something terrible, something I didn't
expect to happen.
     "Now class take your seat. Today we will be trying out for ballroom
dancing. Only the best dancers will be teaching the 5th graders for Mrs. Benson," said
Ms. Belcher.
     Well, I thought that it was going to be boring (which it was), and I was mad
because we all had to try-out (which we all did). Ms. Belcher picked the first group and
then walked over to her boom-box and started playing the Macarena.
     This was simple; everyone knew how to do that dance. About ten min. into
dancing, my friends thought it would be funny for someone not to know how to do the
Macarena, and just do something totally different. So they dared me to, and like the
comedian that I am, I agreed.
      When she called up for the last group (which I was in) everyone was laughing,
including me. I did do something totally different from the Macarena, I did the disco.
Even I can’t believe it now, but I was.
      If I was in the audience and could see myself dancing, it would have probably
looked like something off the movie “Boogie Nights”, starring John Travolta. And I know
I would have been laughing too.
     Finally Ms. Belcher turned off the music and said, "Now class settle down. I will
have the results for you sometime next week."
     At the end of class when we all leaving everyone was telling me how funny it was,
but you could tell that Ms. Belcher did find it amusing at all. But I don’t care, as long as I
got a few laughs (well it was more than a few).
     That following week I was sitting in Mr. Adkin's class, my regular teacher. He
was showing us how to fractions, when someone knocked on the door. Mr. Adkins
walked over and gladly opened it.
     Mrs. Benson stepped in the room and told us why she had came. Then one bye
one she called people out into the hallway. Finally she called my name out. So I got out
of my seat and walked out into the hall. I kept thinking to myself that I was in trouble, but
finally she walked out of the room and spoke to us.
     "You eight (four boys and four girls) have been selected to teach ballroom dancing
to the 5th graders. You don’t have to do it, so you can go back into class if you want,"
Mrs. Benson said.
     There was nothing but silence. I wanted to say something, but I thought, "Well,
let's just see how it is”.
     "You will come to my house every Tuesday after school,” she continued speaking
“And there you will learn how to dance to the Fox Trot, Cha-cha, Swing, and the Waltz.”
     After she told us about ballroom dancing, I didn’t think that is was that bad,
besides you get to dance with girls, so how bad can it be. When I told Mrs. Benson that I
wanted to, she was glad to here the news, and she told me that she liked my unique style.
     So every Tuesday after school, I went to Mrs. Benson’s house. I really had a lot
of fun learning how to dance, and getting to know Mrs. Benson (and the rest of the girls
that were there).
     I still talk to Mrs. Benson, she always wants me to take more lessons with her, and
she wants me to help her teach the new group of kids each year, which I am always glad
to do.
     I still go to Mrs. Benson’s house, but now its three times a week instead of only
one. I also found out that girls really like a guy who is a good dancer. Right know I
know more than forty different types of dances, and each year I love to teach a new group
of kids who want to learn how.
     That's how I got to appreciate ballroom dancing, and learn more than enough
moves on the dance floor.

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