Baby Violence

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Babies, Frustration, Anger, Death
Recently in the news paper in the York area an old distance friend of mine Travis Laughman is accused of beating his girlfriends baby Kellen Koller 2. Kellen Koller died at Hershey Medical Center. My first reaction was “I can’t believe this.” “It can’t be him!” I couldn’t come to terms to hear that an old friend of mine was a murder. Many young parents have a hard time with a crying baby. Not be able to get them to stop so frustration sets in. There are many cases where young parents are so overwhelmed and are exhausted and they just click and start to take there anger out of there babies.
     Yes, Travis is an old friend of mine, but I believe that he should serve his life in prison for killing his girlfriend baby. I know people think it sick that young parents beat there children to death out of frustration, but you have to think of what is going on in the situation. Babies can be very overwhelming and make you go crazy. When a baby starts to cry and will not stop and you try your hardest to stop it from crying a person my just click and not know what is going on. They just wanted to get the baby to stop crying. I personally don’t have any children, but I know it is an awful sound to hear a baby cry. I get frustrated in a restaurant when I hear a baby cry.
     I believe that this issue could be resolved if there would be a help line to help you threw a time when you have a crying baby that will not stop from crying. I am sure that there are help lines like that, but I wish people would use them. Also I think that the men and women who have killed their son or daughter may have a pass of being abusive or have anger problems. I know for a fact that Travis had anger problems.

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He also wanted to be the “Cool Guy” and wanted to get in trouble to make himself look tough. To me I wouldn’t imagine him hurting a baby. I believe that he did it out of frustration.
     Baby or children should not be scared of the parents no matter what! Helpless babies that are beating to death should have vengeance. People who do that to there children should be punished and I believe that Travis should get the death penalty or life in prison.

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