Antwone Fisher

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Antwone Fisher

     Director:      Denzel Washington
     Producers:     Randa Haines
          Todd Black
     Casting:     Robi Reed-Humes

*Main Characters:*

Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke):      
Antwone not only struggles with getting along with his crew members while serving in the Navy, but also his abusive past as a foster child.

Cheryl (Joy Bryant):          
Atwone’s love interest. She is not based on an actual person, but is a combination or interests.

Dr. Jerome Davenport (Denzel Washington):     
A naval psychiatrist who Antwone goes to seeking help.

Berta Davenport (Salli Richardson):     
Dr. Jerome Davenport’s wife.

Mrs. Tate:     
Antwone’s foster mother that abuses and belittles Antwone while a lad along with his two other foster brothers.

*Plot Summary:*

Based on a true story, this biographical drama centered around Antwone “Fish” Fisher. In the beginning of the story, he was a sailor prone to violent outbursts. On the verge of being kicked out of the Navy for repeated fighting, he is sent to a naval psychiatrist for help. Refusing to open up, Dr. Davenport slyly slips his way into getting Antwone to talk. Antwone eventually breaks down and reveals a horrific childhood with neglect and abuse. With the help of Dr. Davenport, he is able to face his past and strive for success to find the family he has never met. At the same time, he is able to turn his life around and change it dramatically. In the end, he is reunited with both his father’s side of the family and his mother who has abandoned him.

After Antwone’s graduation from his Japanese courses, Dr. Davenport explains that he no longer can see him for psychiatric help, and that he cannot always depend on him being there. Antwone then feels a feeling of abandonment not only by his family, but also by Dr. Davenport who has been there for him through many tough times. He then decides to change his life around and move on headstrong.

Antwone Fisher was a man who has trouble being a man because he can't stand strong. He can't stand strong because of the weight that was placed on him growing up in an environment where everyone told him he was worthless. Eventually, Antwone is able to grow and flourish, because like any tree that stands tall and strong, he finds that he has roots, and they run very deep.

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This powerful screenplay should be an inspiring movie to those younger African Americans who grew up in a similar environment, and will also inspire children who grew up in foster homes or adopted families that still haven't sought out their natural birth parents. I think this movie is enjoyable to anyone who is open-minded to an emotional filmmaking.

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