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What do you think the best way to adopt a new environment that has a different culture for a foreigner? …………. Well, I think it’s to develop social relationships with members of the new culture, and in order to have a better communication with them, it’s not enough just speak their language fluent, but we also have to know the personality of the country and the way that people talking. Today I want to share some of my culture shock experiences with you, and I hope those experiences can help you to have a little closer look of the personality of Americans and the way that people talking.
The first thing I want to talk happened at the first day I attended to USC as its student, which just several weeks ago. A friend and I went to the cafeteria to have lunch. There was a middle size? guy caught my attention. He carried a big backpack and wore a huge headphone. He was singing as he stopped in the front of a food counter. It seemed that the music he was listening reached the climax. He closed his eyes, turned to another side and opened his arms while his sound became more and more loud until almost yelled! Everybody turned to look at him, and he seemed still enjoyed in that song. During a short quiet moment, a lady who sat in a wheelchair beside the table I sat suddenly moved her body hardly and yelled: I like it! I like it! The guy who shared the same table with us looked at me said: “Oh man, it is amazing, isn’t it?” I was still in shock and replied him a smile after couple seconds. …… This experience is unforgettable for me. That’s the first time that I feel the free and open personality that people have in this culture so strongly.

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