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     What is adolescence? AD¢O·LES¢CENCE n. is the period between childhood and adulthood. People of every background and of every color go through this. Adolescence is something that, when we go through it, well make us the person that we are to become. All adolescence goes through points in those few years that will decide if they will go to school when they graduate. Adolescence has a hard time because of the things that are going through. Adolescence is difficult.
     Adolescence facing drugs and alcohol issues has changed in the past thirty years. Thirty years ago, drugs were something that older people never talked about and nor did they ever see. Alcohol was small thing that the good people such as churchgoers never touched, but they preached about it. Every town has a town drunk. In today’s society adolescence see alcohol and drugs at least once a day or more. Thirty years ago drugs were a little harder to find. Adolescence did not have access at the time. Adolescence today face more peer pressure to where now it is illegal and thirty years ago it was legal and not a problem.
     Other issues that have affected adolescence today are work and school issues. Adolescence facing work and school issues have changed in the past thirty years. Adolescence did not have to finish school. Today if adolescence drops out of school he or she, one, will lose their drivers license and, two; will not be able to get a job. Adolescence now days face harder restrictions when going to school. For example, students must do and pass the subject in order to more on be able to keep their license or keep a job. Adolescence has to learn quicker now than thirty years ago, because now we learn using a computer and most of what we do learn is computer based.
     Adolescents face growing up for the adult world. Thirty years ago adolescence did not have to have an education so all the really wanted was to go to work. Thirty years ago adolescence thought that they only needed a small amount of education. Today adolescence has to have and education in order to have a good job.
     If you see an adolescence, please, don’t be hard on them because think of what they have to go through every day. Think about it if you were in there shoes. Think about some of the issues that were facing you when you were an adolescence such as work, school, drugs, alcohol, and other things like that. This part of life is not the easiest.

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