Babies with Special Disabilities

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Babies with Special Disabilities

Babies with special disabilities are portrayed by society to be below average in learning potential than a normal healthy baby. Scientists have proved that this assumption is not correct because babies process information from the instant they enter this world. Philosopher John Locke said that, "Babies with special disabilities are viewed as blank tablets by society, however, babies with special disabilities are like computers." These special babies are special to our society and need to be nurtured in their early years of childhood development with the right tools that will be essential for them in the future years of their life. At birth, a baby's brain is only one forth of an adult's normal brain size in regards to special and regular babies. The difference is not that big, which leads to the question of how much a baby can really learn if they are given the essential nurturing in learning strategies at an early age? These children can excel if they are taught on a continuous basis from birth to their adult years. Babies are learning how to count at birth now according to John Piaget who is an early childhood scientist of evaluating babies with disabilities. I watched a television show recently called "Mysteries of the Genius", this show explained that people who are defined as genius' are specially classified at birth, and are mainly portrayed as mentally retarded with a gifted sense of knowledge. My thoughts on the matter was that children with disabilities cannot be mentally retarded if some of these kids are being classified as genius', How can a genius be mentally retarded just because they have a special disability? Many recent studies in the study of early childhood brain development have shown that neuroscience have revolutionized our ideas about brain development.

Babies can do much more than people thought they could do ten years ago, and they are not blank tablets as society and other experts have assumed for centuries. These babies have a keen sense of adaptation in the environment that they are more accustomed to. Their brains are designed to take advantage of multiple opportunities for development and I cannot understand why people would be so harsh on the way that these babies are gifted.

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It is recommended that parents and professional caregivers working with babies with disabilities should engage in everyday activities encouraging mutual interaction: encouraging sensory play, exploring objects, reading books, and singing simple songs. These examples being the best ways to maximize the baby's brain development at an early age. These babies should be treated like gold mines because some of these children with special disabilities might hold the key to the future one day, this key to living and survival today is Knowledge.

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