Cadburys - Marketing Strategies

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Cadburys - Marketing Strategies

In order to increase sales Cadburys needs to undertake a range of
marketing activities before deciding upon the best way to encourage
the purchase of its product. When identifying the basic principals
which Cadburys must apply to its marketing will be its basic
objectives because all business must have objectives it allows them to
increase sales and make profit.

Corporate aims are the long term intentions of a business, whereas
corporate objectives are the specific targets required to achieve the

The common aim and objectives of the corporation such as Cadbury
includes the following:

1 Survival

2 Profit maximisation- which is often taken to be the reason why firms
exists and to be the primary objectives in practices most firms have
a hierarchy of objectives when a firms survival is threaten it may
profit maximise in order to restore its financial health.

3 Growth- which includes Cadbury selling new products or expanding

4 Diversification- which is the spreading of business risks by
reducing dependence on one product.

5 Sales maximisation- which is the increasing of sales

6 Improving the product image-which includes creating a new logo or
launching a new brand of product and creating more attractive

For example, Cadbury set out two objectives for the development of
their chocolate, Fuse. These were:

1. To grow the market for chocolate confectionery

2. To increase Cadbury's share of the snacking sector

When launching a product the company Cadbury’s had to make sure that
any new product in the snaking sector must establish points of
difference, creating a unique selling proposition (USP) i.e. a product
with unique appeal which is not shared by any of its competitors.
Referring back to the example of Fuse, Cadbury lost a lot of money

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testing out the combination of various ingredients and more than 250
were combined before the recipe of the chocolate was finalised. As the
products are developed, Cadbury tests them to ensure that consumers
are willing to buy them.

Cadbury then promotes its products in various ways such as the use of
above the line promotion, which is where a product is advertised
through consumer media such as television, magazines, newspapers and

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