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National Debt

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National Debt

The above statement suggests that the government should
not make cuts in the social fabric because it can always roll
over the debt, therefore, the national debt can be ignored. This
statement means nothing to many Americans who would never dream of
having a conversation about the national debt. Before reading about
the national debt, I was one of those Americans who didn't care to
realize the trouble my country, the land of the free, home of the
brave, is in grave trouble. The trouble will come from the
measures a government must take to reduce, or even stabilize a
debt of 4.5 trillion dollars.

"Taxation without representation" is a phrase found in the
history books of our children. The young people of america learn
about past events in hopes that history will not repeat itself.
Something has failed. Those same children will feel the effects of
their parents and grandparents goodtimes(running up of the national
debt). The children of america are being taxed and punished. Right
before their eyes, the children's future living styles aredeclining,
while these children are ignorant to the fact. This is an example of
taxation without representation. For the children, I believe the national
debt cannot be ignored any longer.

Nixon, Ford, Regan....the list of presidents who have tried to
balance the national debt seems to want to go on forever. This cannot and
will not happen. The national debt is eating us alive and must be balanced.
No more trying, it must be done. There does however appear to be no end.
The U.S. seemsto always be in someone's war, which causes recession and must
run a deficit to stimulate the economy, but if our country insists on protecting
other countries in this manner, we must learn to run a surplus in good times to
raise the economy. The United States of America must learn that it costs too
much to have the best of all worlds. The debt must be balanced as in the
Republican proposal.

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