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National Debt

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National Debt

The national debt has always been a major concern
of the american public, whether they truely know what it is
all about or not. What most people do know is that the debt
that our country has is continualy growing faster and faster
at an unbelievable rate, toan amount that many of us can not
even imagine. The national debt and it's problem has been an
on going issue in today's headlines, and each president is
faced with this buring problem. President Clinton tried
to install a balanced budget plan during his current
term in office, however it lost 99-1. Althought the
public was not able to vote on this plan directly, we, or
at least I have an opinion concerning the issue.

I personally believe that the fact that our nation
is constantly growing more in debt by the minute is a major
problem. Although that techincally we do not have to
pay it, is not the point. What is the point is that we
are a nation that is in debt. According to reports, since
1981, our national debt has grown faster than our economy
has, which to me seems to be a problem. If this debt
was to be spread out among the people it would be more
than the average american would be able to pay. We therefore,
need some sort of policy that wouldeventurally cut our national
debt to some reasonable amount. A new policy would help by
lowering the currentinterest rates, which in turn would allow
for moreinvestment to occur. This would raise our real GNP of
the economy. This increse in investment would also
increase our national savings as well, which would lead
to an increase in the national income average of our
nation's average families. Considering the amount
of our debt, this healing process needs to be done over
a long period of time. According to research, if done
to quickly it would only hurt the current economy. If
we are going to cut the governmental sevices it will
need to be done in small doses. This will enable the
average american to respond and prepare for the cuts.
That way the american will not be hit as hard by the
governmental cuts if they are prepared, and the effects
will not be as harsh.

In my opinion, our economy needs some sort of ecomonic
plan to help lesson the magnitude of our national debt.
We can not have a totally healthy economy if we have
the debt of billions and billions of dollars hanging
over our heads. Therefore, we need to adopt the Repulican
bill, with of course a couple of safeguards and revision.
By the adoption of this plan maybe our country will
finally be on the track that brings out of the depth of
being totally in debt.

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