To Kill A Mockingbird: Influences on Scout from Interactions w/ Others

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To Kill A Mockingbird: Influences on Scout from Interactions w/ Others

Growing up in Maycomb, Southern Alabama in the 1930s was not an easy thing. Amid a town of prejudice and racism, stood a lone house where equality and respect for all gleamed like a shining star amid an empty space. The house of Atticus Finch was that shining star. Jean Louise Finch, also known as “Scout”, is given the opportunity of being raised in this house by her father, Atticus. I stole this essay from the net. As she grows, Atticus passes down his values of equality and righteousness to Scout and her brother Jeremy Atticus Finch, also known as “Jem”. In “To Kill a Mockingbird”, by Harper Lee, we see Scout learns many lessons about dealing with prejudice by observing the behavior of other characters in the story.

Scout learns that by yielding to prejudice, we often hurt and cause strife unto others. For example, Scout is harassed and becomes the target of insults when her father decides to defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman. This is a plajurized essay. The hate felt towards black people by the majority of the Maycomb citizens causes them to bother and harass those who attempt to befriend the black people. Forgive me for stealing this essay. Scout realizes that the only reason she must undergo this torment is that her father is defending a black man, which has become taboo because of the corruption that racism has caused in many people. In addition, Scout watches Tom Robinson undergo unfair treatment and false accusations. Please dont tell my parents I stole this essay. Although Atticus provides the jury and the people of Maycomb with overwhelming evidence benefiting Tom, and ultimately proving him innocent, this is not enough to overcome the powers of hate and racism. Scout watches as the jury deliberates and convicts Tom Robinson of murder because he is a black man. This is a stolen essay. Although Scout witnesses a myriad of injustices occurring against black people, she also sees an exiguity of kind and compassionate movements towards black people.

Scout learns that by resisting prejudice, we often help others. For example, Scout sees Atticus defend Tom Robinson, despite the white people of the town’s disapproval. By defending Tom, Atticus paves a small pathway in Maycomb for black people to follow to attempt to raise their social status.

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Sorry, I got this essay from the net. Glancing at only the fact that the jury deliberated for hours, we, as well as Scout, can see that Atticus has created an everlasting impact on the citizens of Maycomb. In addition, Scout sees Link Deas defend Helen Robinson from Bob Ewell and his children. The Ewells have been harassing Helen, the wife of Tom Robinson, as she passes by their house every day, because she is black. This is a stolen essay. However, Link Deas will not have it, and he spits on the Ewell residence after he informs them that Ms Robinson will pass by freely without harassment. Scout sees that not all people feel hatred towards black people.

Hatred and prejudice poison the people they infest. Through her experiences and interactions with others, Scout learns to act in spite of prejudice. I stole this essay. Scout’s experiences made her a better person because she learns to treat others with respect and dignity and always have tolerance towards people of difference races. Scout learns that prejudice causes strife to others, while tolerance often helps them.

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