My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

A few years ago I happened to witness a teacher touching the life a student. The teacher gave him praise and self-confidence; in return the student began to work harder towards his goals in life. He realized the meaning of inspiration and strived towards his goals, the teacher had turned around a student’s life. That student’s life happened to be mine. One of the main reasons why I want to become a teacher is to touch the lives of students. I will use my philosophical view to tell you why I chose to become a teacher. I will discuss the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, teaching method, and my curriculum to state my philosophy.

First, I will discuss the nature of students. Most students are basically similar. Students are motivated to gain an education, to pass; they want to gain certification weather as a high school diploma or a college degree. Unfortunately there are students who stray from this path because of no inspiration to better themselves. A student must be motivated to succeed into today’s society and most students want to succeed in life, therefore they should have learned the basic morals and skills to survive. However, most students who are motivated are basically good morally. For instance, good student that misbehave do so because they want to gain attention. If each student is paid attention to then the majority of the students will turn out as inspired decision makers. Let’s move on to a different point.

Secondly, I will discuss the nature of knowledge. I believe that the nature of knowledge is absolute and it is discovered. In my education 210 class my teacher ask us Questions. Therefore to gain the answer to these questions we must either look the questions up or she will give us hints to discover them. This type of learning is called discovery learning. All through out history knowledge has been discovered, take for example archaeologist. Archaeologists discover new things everyday dealing from ancient civilizations to dinosaur bones.

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Students must find ways to discover knowledge in order to become the complete student.

Thirdly, I will discuss the purpose of public education. What is the overall purpose of education? I am going to say it is to help prepare students for everyday life decisions. For example, students learn problem solving in math class and in the real world problem solving is a big issue. If students learn to survive everyday life then public education has served its purpose. Why is education important? It’s important because, if students don’t learn important skills like problem solving then the world would be I grave danger. We learn through experiences and the public schools are great way for us as a society to experience many skills and morals. After all today’s students are tomorrows leaders and if education isn’t stressed then there is no hope for future generations.

Next, I will discuss my teaching method. Just like Plato, I will use the Socratic method to exercise reason. The Socratic method is the use of dialogue, discussion, and debate. With these teaching aids I will get students involved in the learning process. A teacher must give each student equal guidance to keep them on an individual level in this learning process. To make sure of this a teacher must create a democratic classroom.

The students should make the rules in the classroom as well as the punishments. These way students cannot say that the classroom has a bias towards them.

Finally, I will discuss my curriculum. My curriculum will be set into the areas of reading, writing, and math. After all reading is the most important concept that schools can teach a student. In elementary schools, these three areas should be stressed because they are the basic building blocks for higher education. Another skill that my curriculum will include will discipline. When I talk about discipline I mean turning papers in on time and so on and so forth, in general becoming a well-rounded student.

With my personal views of these five critical points I hope that my philosophy of education will change my students lives. My life was changed by a teacher I just hope that I in turn change the life’s of my students by providing inspiration to them.

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