Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement

Teaching is a job that will always be in high demand. I feel teaching is very important because the future depends on it. In this paper, I plan to tell my personal reasons for becoming a teacher, future goals, and my philosophical views on education.

My main reasons for wanting to become a teacher are time with family and vacation time, working with students, teaching kids the importance of exercise, and intellectual matters. As a teacher, I will have a lot of time to spend with my family. Teachers have summers off, spring break, Christmas break, and some holidays. This will give me plenty of time to spend with my family. I would also have time to take long vacations and visit different regions of the United States. I will get to see my kids grow up into adults. Many people do not get this opportunity because they have to work year round. Having an opportunity to be with my family was an important decision in my wanting to become a teacher.

Another reason for my wanting to become a teacher is working with students. As a teacher, I would like to have a positive influence and effect on the students I teach. For example, a good teacher may influence a student to go to college after high school. A teacher could also serve as a reference or help a student get a scholarship. As a teacher, I would be willing to do what it takes to help a student succeed. I feel I could develop moral character in the students I work with.

I would also like to become a teacher in order to teach students the importance of exercise. I plan to major in physical education and minor in health, and I will gain certification in grades K-12. Many students do not realize the positive effects of exercise. As a teacher, I feel I could motivate students to exercise daily. It would feel great to know that students started an exercise program because of my teaching.

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My final reason for wanting to become a teacher is the intellectual matters. As a teacher, one is constantly involved in intellectual matters. The teacher can learn new information in a subject they may not be familiar with. I could also educate other teachers on aspects of physical education and health. I could also attend seminars in order to learn more about my field.

My personal goals for the future are to earn my bachelor’s degree in physical education from Concord College. I would then like to get a job teaching physical education or health at the high school level. I would like to stay in West Virginia, but I would be willing to leave if a job were available out of state. I also plan to coach football to help supplement my income. I will work towards a master’s degree by going to summer school classes.

I personally agree with the educational philosophy known as progressivism. John Dewey helped make progressivism a success. The Laboratory School, founded by Dewey, tested the educational ideas of progressivism. Progressive education is a form of education that emphasizes needs of students, practical activities, and the relationship of the school and community. Progressive education can be related to teaching a physical education class. My role in the class would be to guide the student through a certain activity. For example, I could show the class the proper way to hit a forehand in tennis. I feel the students would enjoy the goal of learning the proper way to do certain sports activities. I would also be very flexible in my method of teaching. Certain students may have disabilities, which would prevent them from participating in an activity. I would have to be understanding and find an activity for students with disabilities to participate in.

Overall I look forward to my teaching career because of family and vacation time, working with students, teaching kids the importance of exercise, and intellectual matters. I also view education from a progressive standpoint. I feel progressivism relates best to the subject of physical education. The teaching profession offers many challenges and rewards in my opinion. I feel the challenges teachers face in educating students shows teachers are very capable of dealing with the real world.

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