Progressivism In the Classroom

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Progressivism In the Classroom

A good education has always been drilled into my head ever since I was a little girl. Boy did I hate that, all I wanted to do was goof off and have fun with my friends. But as the years went on I started to realize how important it was to have a good education. Not that that made me like school anymore than I did; but I was realizing the different ways I was learning and how different people taught. I remember saying one day, when I was a freshman in high school, that if I was teaching this class I would have never taught it that way. Unfortunately, my teacher overheard me and I was forced to go to the front of the room and explain to the class the way it should be taught since I knew so much about teaching. Needless to say I did an awful job of it. That is when I started thinking about becoming a teacher. I know that does not make sense because I did such an awful job and was humiliated doing it. I did not like the way that man taught and I was determined to take his job. However, the reason I am here today is not that I want to take a teacher’s job; it is because I have the desire to make a difference in the lives of many students. I hope I will be a good teacher so that I will never have to hear a student say something bad about my teaching.

I think that the nature of knowledge is relative. Not all children can learn in the same environment. I believe that if a child is put in an environment in which they cannot learn they should be placed in another environment so that they can. Some students learn at a slow pace and others learn at a fast pace. Then there are the students that learn better by lectures and others that learn better by activities. If you mix these children in the same class, than there are usually some lost kids in the class? I know that in my experiences with school, I would have never made it in a normal classroom since I learned so much slower than the other kids did.

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The relative nature of knowledge also applies to the other people in the class. Sometimes it is hard for a student to learn if the kids in the class that cause multiple disruptions are in there too.

The purpose of public education is to give everyone a chance to get an education. It might not be the best education but at least they can get one. In today’s society, you cannot get anywhere without an education. I know this because a member of my family did not finish high school and is now stuck working as a bartender. Not to bash bartenders but I’m sure that this was not the job he wanted to do for the rest of his life. All he needed to do was to go one more year and get his high school diploma. But he is learning the hard way that education really is important. Businesses today look at educational backgrounds when choosing whom to hire for a job. Therefore, whether you went to a private or public school does not matter; it is that you received an education that counts. I think that the reason my family member did not want to finish school was that he was bored. I do not know if he was smarter than the teacher thought and was not being challenged, or if he was just not interested in his classes. I know that when I become a teacher, I am going to make sure I know if a student is not being challenged so that I can give he or she work that is up to their potential. I want the students in my classes to get as much as they can out of their education. I also plan to make learning fun by asking them what kind of things they like to do and try to incorporate that into my lessons. Since I tend to lean toward the progressives’ points of view, I hope that by working together my students will learn better through helping others. I believe this is important due to the fact that most of them will have to work and deal with other people when they get jobs. Overall, I want to know that my students are willing and able to go on to the next steps in their lives. Carrying with them a good education and a willingness to succeed.

I believe that a student should be taught things that apply to there surroundings. Get out and teach them what is out in the world around them. I also believe that they should be taught around the things that they are interested in and the experiences that they have had. It is very important that the kids are involved in there own learning. This will make them more likely to be able to make their own decisions in the future. It will also cut down on them being bored and uninterested in school like my family member. This also has to do with the rules that will be set in my classroom. I think that it is only right that the students have a say in the rules that are put on them too. I would start with one rule and then go around the room and ask them what other rules should be added to the one I had written. If these rules are broken I will remind them that they were the ones that decided to have that as a rule. Then I would have them tell me why that was a rule and why they broke it. If this persists I will follow this discussion with a check mark and so on until the problem is solved. By now you have probably figured out what method of teaching I plan to use but just in case I am going to a progressives teacher. This is how I plan to teach because this is the way I was taught best. Why would you teach a way you could never learn?

I plan to graduate Concord College with a degree in Early Childhood Special Education or Elementary Special Education. Then start looking for a job in which I can start my teaching career. In the process, I plan to go to Flagler College in St. Augustine Florida to pursue a degree in Deaf Education. During my teaching experience, I will be furthering my education by pursuing a master’s degree.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why I want to be a teacher and how I want to achieve that goal. I have a set direction on how I want to teach and why I want to teach that way. I hope that one day I will be able to give advise on what a good teacher is and follow my dream to educate the future generations.

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