Favoritism in Schools

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Favoritism in Schools

When I think about discrimination, the one issue that sticks out in my mind is the favoritism shown towards athletes in school. Discrimination is the process in which two stimuli differing in some aspect are treated differently, and favoritism is the showing of being partial to. This type of discrimination could range from how their disciplined if they get into trouble compared to others, to how they receive special help in the classroom with there grades. The thing is athletes are no different than anyone else, they put there pants on the same way as everyone else, one leg at a time.

In a survey done at Salem High School it showed that eighty six percent of 260 students questioned said that teachers showed favoritism by stereotyping, and all the students agreed that this favoritism was mostly regarded to the football team and privileges that they could receive outside the classroom. There was also the mention of all the extra help that the athletes would receive on there classroom work.

At a case reported in Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii there is more of an issue of favoritism shown in the disciplinary issues for athletes. A seventeen year old girl had to file a suit with the U.S. District Courts because the school failed to do what was necessary with the problem. The people involved were football players and the only action taken was suspending them for one game. So the harassment continued.

In some cases its not only the schools that show favoritism, in Detroit four football players allegedly raped a fourteen year old girl and the school took charge and removed them from regular classes and the team pending a hearing. At the hearing the judge ruled that the athletes should have been giving a fair warning and reinstated them, and they didn’t even miss one game.

In an interview I condoned I found that favoritism towards athletes is pretty common. I talked to a couple of High School Football Players, and they said that in one case at the school they went to there had been five males charged with sexual harassment.

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Out of the five one was a starter on the football team, while the other four was suspended the next day, he wasn’t suspended till the next week. What is significant about this is that it was a bye week for the football team, which means they didn’t have a game. So bye them pushing his punishment back he didn’t have to miss any games.

In some cases students say that they have seen instances when a student athlete did badly on a test so the teacher let the athlete retake it. Also it is said to be the worst. When the coach is a teacher and has some of his players, in these instances it was said that the athletes could do pretty much whatever they wanted and say whatever they wanted. In most cases the coaches defense is that trough athletics you see a different side of people that you ordinarily wouldn’t see anywhere else, so you understand them better. I saw a term for this favoritism that is shown and that was special allowances.

From my own experiences in school and being a high school athlete I’ve been part of and witnessed this favoritism first hand. When I was a sophomore I saw a senior athlete get into a fight with another boy who was just an ordinary student. The athlete had the boy pinned up against the wall when the fight was broke up. The athlete didn’t get into any trouble and the other boy got suspended for five days. From my own usage of this favoritism one of my buddies and me had a pretty easy class for fourth block during football season of my senior year and the teacher would tell us that he new we had a big game and we needed some rest so for us to go on home, I would say that I missed this class twenty times during the semester and I still got an A in the class. Another thing that I noticed was how many athletes you would see roaming the hallways during school hours compared to other students.

Take this how you wish but to me all of this seems really unfair, but I read that the ordinary student say this may not be a bad thing because it prepares them for the real world, but on the other hand I read that some students are tired of being treated unfairly just because they don't play sports. What can they do though it's just their word against the teachers. Should student athletes be permitted to have special allowances in the classroom just because the coach knows them better? God says that we was all created equal, so in my opinion we should all be treated equal, because in the reality of things none of us is any better than anyone else.

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