Teenagers and their Impact on the Economy

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Teenagers and their Impact on the Economy

It is hard for adolescents to look at their own lives and not feel as accepted as they would like to feel. As the saying goes, “Growing up isn’t easy.” By their teen years, they often feel like they are not cool or popular enough. Many of them look up to celebrities and the media on how to be in the popular crowd. There is so much influence on young minds through television, internet or even magazine advertisements. This definitely makes a great target for advertising agencies. Many companies target young people because they freely spend their money and do not have expenses like adults. One company which takes part in this big campaign is Winterfresh. Winterfresh is successful in convincing teenagers that their gum is perfect for them, because of their comment about peer pressure, making breath icy fresh, and displaying an exciting atmosphere with friends.

A Winterfresh advertisement, located in Teen People, clearly states the matter of peer pressure by asking, “you in?” This, of course, is implying if you are cool enough to try Winterfresh. Teenagers are influenced enough as it is, that when the question of popularity comes up, they want to know more. It is a very emotional

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experience for teenagers when they are dealing with the everyday life of different cliques. Nobody is truly satisfied with themselves, so they try to make themselves look better. Popular kids even struggle with their acceptance because they also wish they were cooler. This advertisement makes it seem like anyone can be cool if they buy this gum. It is not exactly a fair thing for adolescents, but it is definitely effective for a company like Winterfresh. This advertisement proves to work, because teens will feel emotionally connected in wanting to be popular, and will believe that chewing Winterfresh will make that happen for them.

When you look at the slogan of Winterfresh, you automatically want a piece. “Where icy cool breath is always on,” is very attractive to those who might question the smell behind their teeth. They make it a fact that their gum will give you great smelling breath.

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This sounds great to anyone, especially teenagers, since they are self conscious and will do anything to make them look or smell good. Nothing can seem better than icy fresh breath, especially when you are talking to someone you really like and do not want to scare them away. It is very important to young people, because it is a top priority for them to impress their peers. When Winterfresh makes it a fact that their gum will give the consumer icy fresh breath, teens will be convinced because they would assume the fact is true. If they do not have to worry about the little things, like fresh breath, they can focus on more important things in life.

Besides the fact that this gum will give you fresh breath, the advertisement displays an exciting atmosphere with friends. At the top of the advertisement, there is a scene displaying a group of teenagers at a party. It will make any teen crave this

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excitement and want to be a part of the party. The very casual and simple way they produced this advertisement makes it easy for teens to understand it. In high school, it is definitely the cool thing to do by attending a party. If you are not seen at one of the right parties, you might not be considered popular. Attending a party is a must for most teens, because they find humor in showing off to their friends. The party in the advertisement looks humorous and gives them the desire to be a part of it. Everyone wants to have a little fun, so when Winterfresh shows the excitement behind their gum, teens become convinced that this gum is the right one for them. They are also taking it to their advantage since they are a well known brand of gum, and that would make it easier for teenagers to believe them.

It is important to remember how easily influenced teenagers are and why they make such a great target for sales. The Winterfresh gum advertisement is very successful in grabbing the attention and meeting the needs of teenagers. They display their advertisement in a proper teen magazine so it is very accessible. By making their advertisement easily understandable for teens, they automatically grab their attention. This company knows how important the younger population is to the economy, and that makes them very successful with their business. Through their success, teens are convinced that Winterfresh gum is the best gum because it eases peer pressure, gives them the best breath ever, and shows them a good time with friends.

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