Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Future

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Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Future

The least recognized, most important people in this world are the educators. They must work hard toward inventing a method to help each individual student “be all they can be!” Teachers must try to stimulate students to create a hunger for learning and to expand their success in life. Teachers should be obligated to the need for the student’s individuality. To be able to teach targeting to the students’ needs will make a difference not only in the student but also in the future of our society. Today’s students are tomorrow’s future.

In many cases, it has become very complex to keep students interested in their education. So the teacher must be creative and find ways to keep pushing the student onward as well as upward. In order to devise the ultimate plan for educating students, a teacher must acknowledge that the “students” are what teaching is all about. The most important factor in the equation is unequivocally the STUDENT! All humans are different in some sort or fashion. But the fact still exists that we all have only this place to function in. So help by putting forth an effort to make it a better place for us all.

I’m a firm believer that all students have some capacity to learn. It only takes the dedication and compassion of a teacher to ignite the wick and the light of the student starts to shine.

Rousseau said that children are born of innocents, being neither good nor bad, and the surrounding will create the child. On average, students are with educators more hours than with their families. The hours we have with these students have to be utilized and get the best out of them. So as teachers, we must set an example of good morals and display the love of teaching and make learning a desirable trait. Learning should be a self-gratifying experience not a dreaded encounter. We all love to be achievers. Teachers and educators must put forth the desire to see their student’s progress.

Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink but I believe you can make it thirsty along the way.

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Once it is within grasp, it will be easily consumed. Even if it were only a sample, it would be the beginning. Once realized how good it can be, the possibilities are endless.

In order to create the desire, you must be universal in devising your curriculum. The need to see that students have all different needs. Regardless of the needs, students need to know that they are all special. Teachers have so much impact on the students and their future. Teachers are the foundation of this world. Just take a moment and think back, each of us was once taught or are still being taught. For me, as a teacher the love of people and the desire to see all individuals succeed will make the education become the utmost importance.

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