Flowers and Fairytale

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Flowers and Fairytale

By the school, there is a little garden with a water fountain and several little trees around it. Each tree is grounded in a two-foot high cement block. The tree is covered with leaves, and the leaves have scattered flowers around them. The fountain contains several little water shooters, shooting out forms of water, which resembles the flower as a dancing fairy. The flowers start at the bottom of the tree.

The ring of flowers surround the tree. They are made up of many bright colors of red, pink, violet, blue and white. From a distance there appears to be a swarm of them. The flowers’ petals are soft and sweet smelling. They don’t suffocate my senses, though. The flowers are like a weak perfume. They are gentle and subtle. When I touched one of the flowers in my hand, it was as soft as silk. I realized that they were so fragile, because they sliced apart very easily. The flowers are held captive by the army of leaves.

The green leaves are mixed in with the flowers. The shades of the green leaves range from light yellowish green to dark bluish green. Most of them are shaped like tiny bananas and others are wider, like pears or apples. The crashing water near by drowns out the scent of the leaves’ chlorophyll. Some of the leaves are almost as smooth as the flowers, but some are rough, similar to a rug. The leaves are grouped together like many little trees. The trees and leaves cover the soil and the bottom part of the tree—like a drooping green gown.

The tree is very much like a queen, wearing its dress of leaves. I would not reach out and touch it—because it would be rude. At the shoulders of the tree—the branches fork off into three directions. The thick branches hold up more green leaves—the delicate kind—shaping the head of the tree like a mushroom. The tree resembles a green Queen Amadalia—young and bright. When I looked up at her, you see the sunlight reflect off her hair—the leaves—creating a peaceful glow. It blurs everything, however, and I had to stop looking. The wind does blow the leaves, but it is so lightly that you can barely tell. The fountain near by spurts out water in this direction.

I look over there and see groups of dancing water in the wide square pool.

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The water is shot up from the pool and creates many figures of dancing fairies, twirling and spinning together with the others. It is clear crystal blue water and barely makes a wave.

This setting makes me feel like I am in a fairy tale. That one of the dancing fairy fountains spun to life and comes to me to grant three wishes. Before I can reply, a sound from the real world breaks through, and the fairy goes poof. I look around and everything is the same way as it was before—not a fairytale. There is no Queen, no, no fairies. So I pack up my things and move on.

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