Pigeon Forge

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Pigeon Forge

The Pigeon Forge area attracts students because of the entertainment choices and location. Teenagers enjoy Pigeon Forge because of the shopping, restaurants, and tourist attractions. It is a getaway from their hometown with plenty of choices of things to do. There are outlet malls that sell a variety of clothing. A few of the attractions located in this area are race tracks, bungee jumping, indoor skydiving, and put-put. Families with young children will be able to do a limited amount of outside tourist activities, but instead might opt to shop within some of the popular outlet malls. The attractions with a minimum age or height requirement are for families with older children that can participate and for teenagers and young adults.

Pigeon Forge is a tourist attraction for people on different budgets with different interests. Pigeon Forge is a well-known tourist area with shopping, entertainment attractions, and restaurants set in the Smoky Mountains. Its location is 80 miles from Johnson City and thirty miles from Knoxville. From Knoxville go towards Ashville on the 181 north interstate and take Exit 407 to Sevierville; from Johnson City take highway 181 South towards Knoxville and take the same exit (approximately one hour from Johnson City, and twenty to thirty minutes from Knoxville). First time visitors to the area should try to plan on spending a few days, if you have the time and money. There are many attractions in this area, and depending on your interests you can plan a trip that is worthwhile and fun

Pigeon Forge is a shopper’s paradise, with a wide array of merchandise. This area hosts several outlet malls filled with plenty of shops each. The Red Roof Mall and the Tanger Outlet Mall are two of the popular outlets. The outlet malls all sell different types of merchandise, mostly name brand clothing. A few of the name brands that are found in the outlets are J. Crew, Old Navy, Fossil, and American Outpost. There are also shops that are individually owned that sell Pigeon Forge memorabilia. Other shops will spray paint tee shirts and license plates to the customer’s specifications. Pigeon Forge hosts a variety of shops where most name brand products can be found, with the convenience of being located on one main road.

Dollywood is an entertainment park that has rides for children and adults, within a town like atmosphere. The park is not just for children, adults will enjoy it also.

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Unfortunately, rides cannot be ridden by people with medical conditions, pregnant women, or by young children (depending on height). Dollywood specializes in crafts, and music shows that feature bluegrass, folk, and country artists. The park is steeped in Tennessee tradition such as woodworking, glasswork, and lye soap making. I have lived in Tennessee for most of my life and just recently visited Dollywood this summer; I found it to be a fun theme park with a Tennessean twist. The cost of admission is $34 dollars, but it is worth the price because there is plenty to do and see.

Restaurants in Pigeon Forge cater to the many desires, and budgets of the tourists it attracts. All of the typical fast food restaurants are available. There are also family- owned restaurants on the road into Pigeon Forge. In Sevierville, off of the interstate exit 407, there is a little restaurant within the first gas station on the left, called Mother Clucker’s. The name may seem funny, but the food is great and inexpensive. It serves chicken, biscuits, and different county side dishes, along with homemade desserts. I would suggest stopping here for a quick meal on your way into Pigeon Forge. Sit down restaurants with a wider variety of food are also available throughout Pigeon Forge, such as Ruby Tuesday’s and O’Charley’s. Formal dining is also available at restaurants where steaks, seafood, and traditional Tennessee cuisine are offered. Bennett’s Pit Bar-b-que serves salads, ribs, hickory smoked meat entrees, and mesquite grilled steaks (prices not listed, 865-429-2200) (11). The Rocky River Brewery and Grille is located at Governor’s Crossing in Pigeon Forge (865-908-3686) (30). Their entrees include sandwiches, seafood, pork, ribs, and chicken platters; pasta dishes are also available. The platters and pasta range from ten to fifteen dollars. Dining can be a major part of the trip, if it fits into your time and budget.

The accommodations provided in Pigeon Forge are varied, both in pricing and extra amenities. Hotel and motel chains of all types are available to tourists. The Econolodge motel costs $58 a night, and the Howard Johnson is $43 dollars a night. Condos are available from different rental companies, some at the same price of a nice hotel room. At the Golfview Resort, near Dollywood, rooms are $125 (without tax) a night, for a one-bedroom condo with a jacuzzi tub, fireplace, and full kitchen. Cabins are available with different amenities and number of rooms from many different companies. Some cabins are only rented at a two-night minimum, depending on the rental company, and the season. A cabin might be a better idea for a group of people or for romantic getaways. For example, a two-bedroom cabin with a hot tub and jucuzzi at Hidden Mountain Resorts is $179 plus tax. This is a good idea for people who are going to stay in groups, but still would like privacy. I rented a cabin like this for my eighteenth birthday with a group of friends and had a great time. If you are planning to stay the night at Pigeon Forge there are a variety of accommodations to choose from. I would suggest looking into prices and booking your stay a few weeks in advance, especially in the fall and winter.

Pigeon Forge is a well known tourist destination to many people because of its many attractions. There are many things to do and experience in Pigeon Forge, whether you plan a day trip, or stay longer. The trip is worthwhile to make if you are looking for a destination close by that offers theme parks, shopping malls, and diversified dining, within the Smoky Mountains.

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