The Importance of Traffic Lights

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The Importance of Traffic Lights

The topic I picked for our community project was traffic lights. In a community, people need stop signs and traffic lights to slow down drivers from going to fast. If there were no traffic lights or stop signs, people’s lives would be in danger from divers going too fast.

When having stop signs and traffic lights, people have a tendency to drive slower and look out for people walking in the middle of streets. To put a traffic light or a stop sign in a community, it takes a lot of work and planning from the community and the city to put one in. It is not cheap to do it either. The community first needs to take a petition around to everyone in the community and have them sign so they can take it to the board when the next city council meeting is. A couple residents will present it to the board, and they will decide weather or not to put it in or not. If not put in a lot of residents might be mad and bad things could happened to that part of the city.

When the planning of putting traffic lights and stop signs, you should look at the subdivision plan and figure out where all the buildings and schools are for the protection of students walking and riding home from school. In our plan that we have made, we will need traffic lights next to the school, so people will look out for the students going home. We will need a stop sign next to the park incase kids run out in the street. This will help the protection of the kids having fun. Will need a traffic light separating the mall and the store. This will be the busiest part of the town with people going to the mall and the store. And finally there will need to be a stop sign at the end of the streets so people don’t drive to fast and get in a big accident. If this is down everyone will be safe driving, walking, or riding their bikes.

In putting in a traffic light, it takes a lot of planning and money to complete it. A traffic light cost around $40,000 to $125,000 and sometimes more depending on the location.

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If a business goes in and a traffic light needs to go in, the business or businesses will have to pay some money to pay for it to make sure everyone is safe going from and to that business. Also if there is to many accidents in one particular place in a city, a traffic light will go in to safe people from getting a severe accident and ending their life and maybe someone else’s.

The reason I picked this part of our community development report was that traffic is a very important part of a city. If not for traffic lights and stop signs, people’s lives would be in danger every time they walked out their doors. People will be driving extremely fast and people will be hit just trying to have fun with their friends. So having traffic lights and stop signs this will prevent all this from happening.

I picked this topic because it was fun. It made me think a lot of traffic safety in a community where kids and adults like to have fun outside their homes. Now our class community will be a whole lot safer now because of traffic lights and stop signs. In our community that we have built combining our house plans, traffic lights and stop signs are needed a whole lot. People in that community will be a whole lot safer and accidents will be taken down to very little if any. Now if everything goes right our community will be a community that everyone would love to live in if it was real.

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