The Pros and Cons of the Home Computer

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Computers have had a major impact on today’s society. In this current day and age, imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have computers. Not given much thought, you can easily see it would be totally different. Almost every business, school, and even home has a computer. What would we do without them?

“Today there are more computers in homes than in schools. Most American homes contain at least one computer.” (Computer Confluence, pg. 426) That’s pretty amazing! To have a computer in your home comes with positive benefits but can also come with negative actions. It’s very easy to use our computers in a negative way without even knowing it. We must be very careful with what we do or allow our computer to be used for.

With computers in our home, family members can communicate online for free. It’s easy and very convenient. Instead of waiting for a letter in the mail, we can instantly send an e-mail and they will receive it within a matter of minutes! With digital cameras we can transfer pictures to our computer and attach them to our e-mails and send them to our family and friends. Almost everyone has an e-mail address today. If we don’t want to send an e-mail we can chat online instead. MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and many more chatting programs are used to communicate with others in another state, country, or just next door. In addition to chatting online, they have developed a way to actually see one another while chatting; this is called video conferencing. If both parties have a digital video camera then they can hook it up to display the video footage online.

Families can now shop online as well. When they purchase merchandise online, it can be delivered to their home within days. You can buy everything you need online. Every necessity you can think of can be bought and delivered.

Computer games are very popular. There are computer games that have tutorials in all subjects that help children learn when they have trouble in school. Some people take classes for high school and college online so they don’t have to leave home. This is becoming more and more popular.

There are countless advantages to having a computer in the home. These are just a few of the great benefits. As time goes on, more and more advantages will be available; but, with time, more and more cautions must be taken.

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