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Women and Domestic Violence

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Women and Domestic Violence

A seven-year-old boy was terrified and called 911 while his mother cried for help. The boy’s father continuously beat his mother and demanded that she never leaves him. This was one of the 12,390 calls for domestic violence in our county in 2005. Of these calls, 9,272 involved weapons that could harm victims and children.

Domestic violence incidents in 2005 accounted for 50 percent of the women killed in the United States. Domestic violence is a pattern of assault and coercive behaviors used by adults and adolescents against their intimate partners in current or former married, dating, or cohabiting relationships. It includes psychological, physical, and sexual attacks. Domestic violence is a learned behavior through experience, observation, family, culture, and communities.

Men who are the batterers in more than 95 percent of all reported cases usually find scapegoat for their behavior. Domestic violence does not cause by one’s genetics, illness, anger, stress, alcohol, drugs, behavior of the victim, or problems in the relationship. There are many myths associated with domestic violence. The victims are blamed as dysfunctional women who are not smart enough to support themselves and their children. Another myth is that these women enjoy and like to be victims. University professors, doctors, and judges have been victims of domestic violence. Many women’ lives are threatened by their batterers if they leave.

Abused women have several alternatives to help them and their children through this difficult time. They can go to a safe and supportive environment where they will understand that they are not required to stay in a dangerous situation and can begin to regain control. These facilities are always open for these women and their children. They can stay and suffer more beating. In this case, women do not want to leave because of the feel of responsibility to make their marriage work or may be emotionally or financially dependent upon the batterers. They can try to improve their relationship with their batterers. This approach will work only if their partners are willing to change and recognize their problems.

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