Write on Topics You are Passionate About

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Write on Topics You are Passionate About

How do I become a better writer? Is it by proofreading and listening to my teachers? Does it come in time? Or should the question be what do I write better about? Do I write better about scientific garbage or idea and topics I can actually relate to. I will go with the latter. I write better about topics I am passionate about. For example, I can write more vividly about cheerleading and soccer than I ever could about evolution. Let us focus on becoming a better writer again. I watch television and go to movies frequently. I occasionally read books. Reasonably, engaging in visual entertainment and reading other authors’ work aid in my writing style. The shows I watch and the books I read are usually about topics I am interested in or passionate about. Specifically, the movie Pleasanteville, the television show Felicity, and two books A Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger and A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean help me to become a better writer.

To begin with, Pleasanteville is an interesting movie that can easily be paralleled to the first book of the Bible, Genesis and to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s in the United States. The movie depicts two people bringing "color" to the lives of many. The "color", however, must come from sin. Therefore, the new "coloreds" are banned from the Garden of Eden so to speak. This is also very similar to the colored people being banned from public buildings and events for being different. These two topics, the Bible and civil rights of humans in general are of great interest to me. Hence, I paid attention to detail on how the director presented his ideas to the audience. By learning his techniques and agreeing or disagreeing with them can help me write better by simply applying his work to mine.

Additionally, the television show Felicity is a show about college freshman students straight out of high school. The show focuses on relationships and hardships that a college freshman will encounter. Considering the fact that I am technically a college freshman myself, it is only natural that I allow this show to intrigue me. In particular, one episode caught my attention. This episode dealt with the issues of boundaries in a friendship and lightly touched on the issue of date rape.

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Again, two topics I am very passionate about. When I am watching this show, I allow no interruptions. I want to receive the full benefit of what this show has to offer me. This show not only offers me a broader perspective on college life but also a new insight into expressing myself. What better way to express myself than to write it down. I channel the emotions that Felicity feeds into me onto paper which in turn allows me to properly express myself by organizing my ideas and feelings and have them relate to the audience I am writing for.

Additionally, there are two books that I read for a class. In the beginning, these books were not pleasurable. I had no interest in them. For example, A Perfect Storm gives a fictionalized account of a true story. The story is about life on the sea and the hardships that go with it. Fishing, ships, and storms are not exactly what I call exciting. Nevertheless, when I examined this book again, I realized it has something to offer me. This book gave me insight into complete strangers’ lives. I learned to respect the job that these strangers perform. I also felt compassion for the strangers’ families. Upon finishing the book, I did not think of them as strangers anymore. The same goes for A River Runs Through It. This book is one man’s account of his childhood and early manhood. This man grew up in the country learning to fish with his dad and brother. This man’s life was fishing. This is something I cannot relate to. I did not grow up in the country and I have never been fishing. Still, this book helped me understand more about people from different backgrounds. And by recognizing and acquiring these new qualities: respect, compassion, and understanding, I become a better writer. These qualities help me relate to my audience better. I can also use these qualities to reach out to a broader spectrum of people. I am no longer limited to a particular group or stereotype to write for.

In short, I find passion and interests in the everyday activities I partake in such as television, movies, and books. Sometimes I must dig a little deeper to find exactly where my interests may lie. Nevertheless, my passions and interests are easy to write about. Therefore, by finding a way to become passionate about topics I may have not been passionate about before broadens my horizons on topics to write about. Not only can I write about more but I can write better than I did before.

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