Eulogy for Son

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Eulogy for Son

William was a very special person. His good qualities are endless. Since he was just a child, I always remember William sticking up for the family. When his sister, Lisa, was a baby, William would sit outside her room with a mask and cape on ready to rescue her in case she started crying. And, if William’s father or I were making too much noise, he was always quick to fly downstairs and tell us to keep quiet so not to disturb his little sister. That’s just the kind of person William was. He was a hero to all of us.

As I look out into the crowd, I can’t help but see just how many lives William has touched. As a psychiatrist, but more importantly as a friend, William was able to come to the aid of those in need. He was a shoulder to lean on, always willing to lend a hand to help someone out, always willing to listen to someone’s problems and take the time to help resolve them.

It would take me an eternity to list off all the special ways William has made a difference in my life. Whenever I was upset, whenever I needed someone, William’s sense of humor cheered me right up. No one can feel sad when William is around. I’ll always remember William as a person who was constantly finding humor in life no matter what the occasion. He was so full of life. It’s hard to imagine how I’m going to go a day without speaking to him because he’d call me every single day. I know he was a very busy man, but he would never forget to take the time to call me to see how I was. It’s the little things like that I’ll never forget about him.

Although William’s death was sudden and came as a shock to all of us, I know in my heart he would not want for us to spend forever grieving. Rather, William would want us all to remember our favorite moments we spent with him. So, if you would all just take a quick minute or two to think about a happy time shared with him…

William’s life was far too brief, but he was able to accomplish many things.

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He died much too early, but left behind two wonderful children, David and Jennifer, who are living examples of how special William was. David and Jennifer exemplify all the fine qualities of their father in their selflessness, hard-working attitudes and sense of humor.

A mother never wants to outlive her own child. The sadness I feel is not only for myself, but for the family and friends William has left behind. I want to thank all of you for coming today and for expressing your love for my son. Eventually, we will recover from the shock of losing William, but his memory will live on and we will all be with him again in Heaven. William will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.

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