The Impact of The Internet on Society

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The Impact of The Internet on Society

Entertainment just isn't the same ever since our society has had Internet access. Now, all anybody has to do to get cheap entertainment at their own expense is type in a sub-topic on a hot web site, and their entertainment pops up. Some web sites will ask for a credit card number, and others will just let you download movies, music or whatever for free. For instance, there is a web-site called, "real money casino."

You can just sit on your computer, win real money, and have it wired straight to your account. All you have to do is be 21 years of age and give them your social security number. Really, anybody can sit at home and say they are 21 and use there parents credit card to pay for the charge. Ok maybe its not that easy but I bet you it is pretty easy. Just think of how easy it is to lose money from the casino's computer nerds, who wire a little of your money out of your account and straight into the casino's account.

I have had the chance to personally go to a casino and see what its like on the inside. I got to see how the gambling business really works. I was only about 11 years old when I went, but I remember everything about it. The casino is a common for people who live near my way. It is called, "Black Hawk Casino". Now, people under 21 aren't allowed in the casino like before. This is because too many people were getting angry at the fact of a little kid sitting there and watching them while they played. Maybe they thought kids were bad luck or something. Right when I walked in the casino, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. There were shiny slot machines everywhere, guards, cameras, and sounds of people winning. The sounds were like if you've ever took all of the change out of your piggy bank at once, the sound of all that change clinging together. It's just like music for your ears. It was awesome. I couldn't wait until I turned 21. Who would want to sit at home and play on the Internet when they can get up and go to the casino in person? It's got to be ten times better and more fun.

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There can't be a better feeling than striking a winner on the slot machine and having all that money fall into your hands or your little bucket. By allowing people to gamble right off of the Internet, it's taking away the whole concept of having casinos and letting people enjoy them. Casinos offer food, bedding, drinks, and pretty much whatever else you need. Those are just extra benefits that the casinos give to the public and people need to really appreciate that concept. Most people do appreciate it though.

There are many more ways that the Internet has affected entertainment. Some more examples are the movie industry. Who needs to go to the Movie Theater and pay $6.00 a person when all you have to do is download the movie on the computer? You can sit right at home and watch the movie. The whole point of watching a new movie is taking your hot date out for dinner and a movie. Sooner or later, the Internet is going to get so profound with their idea of letting people watch DVD's and movies on the net that they are going to beat out the movie industry. Then, we won't have theaters anymore. Who wants to sit at a computer with their girlfriend or boyfriend and watch a movie on a little 5x5 screen? I sure wouldn't want to. Computers are becoming so advanced that someday nobody is going to want to go to the theater. They think that the computer can make it more realistic and better special effects. If that is the case, then fine let people sit at home and watch movies on their computer. We should just have the computer make us popcorn while it's at it! People are going to think it's so great, but just wait and see how this is going to affect our society when we lose our movie theaters. I don't think we would really lose our theaters, but still come on. This is just one of the many issues that is being affected by the Internet. People don't realize how real this problem really is. If they did, maybe they would try and fight against the problem. Maybe they would try to get movies banned off the Internet.

Let's take women for instance. They have got to be the biggest shoppers of all time. So, I'm sure that several women save a lot of time and shop on the Internet. Most women believe the Internet's convenience saves time and enhances their lives by offering them tools for communication, shopping, and receiving news and information. Online activity has replaced time spent on other offline activities. Instant messaging and online greeting cards are used more and are replacing time spent talking on the telephone and watching television. Thirty two percent of moms take the convenience of shopping online, and they go to the mall less often. That is taking away from all malls that aren't selling as much because of the Internet. Over 60 percent of women believe the Internet is convenient and saves time. That is telling you right there that over half of women are using internet rather then making it fun and going to the mall with friends and trying on all the clothes in the store. Isn't that what woman live for is going to the mall and shopping all day long? Shopping is entertainment for women.

The Internet is a very good source of buying what you need online, but not to the point where the Internet has taken over completely. If all we are going to do is rely on the Internet to do everything for us, we are going to have the future here a lot faster than we want. Give the world 75 more years and we wont have to do more than push a button and have what we want right there before us. The world is going to lose the moral of working and discipline. Who knows, maybe the fast advancement of the Internet is exactly what the world needs.

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