Describing the Moment I Met My Baby Niece

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I stood there in amazement. A tingle surged throughout my whole body. It was a rush of excitement I had never felt before in my life. When my eyes hit her angelic little body, they froze and I couldn't think or acknowledge anything else around me. The world seemed to stop, hold its place in time, just for that perfect moment. While she slept I stared at this precious little angel. My hands quivered as I slowly reached down to touch her little fingers and feel the softness of her skin. I ran the tips of my fingers very gently across her smooth face, and right away, I fell in love. Then my brother said, "I can wake her up so you can hold her." I was ecstatic, I was finally going to meet her! As I held her, I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes and knew instantly that I would love and cherish her forever with all my heart.

I remember it as clear as day. It had been a fairly normal week, and a routine average day. It was a Friday and I was driving home from school in my trusty Toyota Tercel. I was getting into the dreaded mental set of the game that I would be playing in that night. I had to play in the band at halftime and it was the first performance of the season. The whole ride to my house I thought about the game and hoped and prayed that we wouldn't make huge fools of ourselves. Before I knew it, I was already home. I remember thinking that it felt like the shortest drive ever, getting to beautiful Rolling Oaks. When I got home, little did I know, that there would be a huge surprise waiting for me that would change my life forever.

I pulled into the driveway of my house and parked my car. I grabbed my coat and bag and opened the door. When I got out I instantly began to smell the sweet aroma of the long rose bushes making their way out of our fence and into the world of our driveway. I was so captivated by the fall breeze, and the beautiful smell of fall in the air that I didn't even know that I was to the door. As I snapped back into reality, I looked up and I was standing at my doorway.

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I lifted up on my long skinny door handle and before I knew it, I was inside. Inside my house, I hung my coat in the closet right inside the door and set my bag down under it. I sat down on the step and began to take my shoes off as I had done every day when I got home from school.

Everything seemed pretty normal, the dogs barked at me, the TV was blaring on the highest volume and my brother was in the kitchen. When my brother, Travis, heard me come in, he rushed to the kitchen doorway. He Just stood there staring at me. I remember the glow in his eyes and the look of proudness written across his face. He had the biggest smile, it went from ear to ear showing teeth and everything. Another vivid thing that I will never forget was that he was holding our metal spoon with holes in it. I breathed in deeply and all I could smell was the delicious scent of cabbage and bacon cooking just on the other side of the wall. Travis always cooks cabbage and Bacon, this is his favorite food. It was nothing out of the ordinary for him to be cooking it as an afternoon snack that particular day. I slowly walked up the stairs toward my brother and all I can remember thinking is, "Why is he so happy, what's going on?"

When I got to the top of the stairs, everything seemed to stop and I was caught up in the moment. Slow motion set in as I began to walk toward my couch and I saw the infant carrier. That was the moment I met my new baby niece, Janet Lee Miles. She was dressed in a beautiful pale pink dress trimmed in lace. The lace was weaved so perfectly and so smoothly it was like the garment of an angel. She was wrapped up in a little pink blanket, and looked warm and cozy on that chilly fall afternoon.

That beautiful day that I met baby Janet was the start of a brand new beginning for me. From that day on, she would grow to call me Auntie Mimi (not a typo). Now I know the meaning of the saying, "One need not look towards the heavens to find an angel for I have one here before me."

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