Importance of Friendships

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Importance of Friendships


      Throughout the many unique and individual experiences I went

through, the friendships that I made were one in a million.  These friends

shaped me and formed me in so many ways.  I have learned an unfathomable

amount through friendships as well as accumulating a lot of personal growth.

 The significance of friendships in my own American experience has taught

me unique lessons, an open mind, respect, growth, and has given me a strong

feeling for who I am.


      During my life I have been exposed to many kinds of people of all

ages and ethnicities which have taught me things that I may have never

learned.  Thinking back, through all the memories and times, I got a taste

of each persons personality in my personal experiences with them.


      I found many of those people who I enjoy to be with because we

share that common ground that lets you be yourself and feel comfortable.

It really feels good to gave friends on the same level as you.

      Friendship is a very personal and unique thing.  No two relation

between any two people will ever be the same because only those people know

what they have been through or shared together.  This is what makes

friendship such an exceptional thing.


      A large part of friendship is learning lessons together, and for

almost everything in the world there is a lesson that must be learned.

Learning these lessons through friendships is a very powerful and

exceptional thing.  These lessons have varied from one extreme to the other

in my life and have changed and shaped a large majority of my views and

perceptions.  Learning any lesson with a friend, be it significant or not,

will bring you closer together; and furthermore that lesson that you

learned was done in your own way which only you will have felt and

experienced.  Some important lessons that had precedence in my life were

about life in general, love, happiness, fear and a handful of other

feelings.  From the time of my first friend I have begun learning about

life, basically what I like to do and what I am all about.  Only when you

can truly be yourself around a person or people is when you start to learn

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about yourself.  And the thing is that what you did or what you or someone

else did, when it comes down to it, you did it and no one else.  No one

else could feel the way you did or acted or reacted the way you personally

did.  That aspect makes it more unique than anything else.


      So many feelings have been felt by myself about other friends that

it would be impossible to even sum up.  A friendship is the only thing that

can teach you some things about yourself, and others as well.

      Through friendships I have accumulated a very open-mind by allowing

myself to really get into a person and learn what they are all about.  When

you learn a significant amount about other people and their lives, one can

look back and reflect on your own life.  I could never walk up to a person

with my head filled with prejudgments.  This is based on my own experiences

with so many people where I might of met them thinking something in my head,

but when I really got to know them I was so surprised because they turned

out to be so opposite.  I am grateful for the things I have learned from my

friends because some people might never achieve that open mind, but that is

only my unique personal experience.


        Many times I wonder how I met some of the people I did or did some

of the things that I did with some people?  My personal answer is that I

believe that the people I met and things I did were all meant to happen for

a reason that is unknown to me, but I do know that they were meant to

happen to me and only me.  Maybe I am being equipped with knowledge and

experiences that will help me in my future life.


      Through my experiences with friends, a major lesson I learned was

respect.  A close, strong friendship is a powerful friendship because that

is when you know that you can always count on that person, and through that

aspect a large respect can be formed.  When I began to play sports is when

I first felt these feelings of great respect and care for another person.

There is something about sports, the winning together, the losing together,

the good and the bad, that seems to bring people closer together.  When

you're playing a football game in the fourth quarter, in the pouring rain

and biting cold, with the sweat stinging your eyes and you need to stop the

other team on the 1 yard line.  You look around then and you know who you¹

re friends are.  You can know that no matter whether you win or lose, the

team and you¹re friends will still be there.  Knowing that makes me feel a

great respect for them.


      I have personally grown a great deal through the experiences with

every friendship I have had.  And the unique part of that is that the ways

in which I have grown are mine alone and could never be exactly experienced

by another person.  By allowing myself to grow with others I have had a

vast number of their experiences in which I could look at and then make my

decision based on what I know from them and myself, where on the other hand

some may only have their own experiences to base their decisions.


      In conclusion, the friendships that I personally made were unique

and could never be exactly the same for another person.  I have learned an

unfathomable amount about life, love, and everything and that has made me

grow.  The significance of friendship in my own american experience taught

me valuable lessons, an open mind, respect, growth and has given me the

basis of who I am today.


      Many varied lessons that I experienced with friends have changed

and shaped a large part of my views and perceptions.  I found that learning

lessons with friends brings you closer together.  Only with a friendship

can some things be felt and learned.

      An extremely important thing I got out of friendship was achieving

an open mind.  This was achieved through a diverse set of friends that had

a wide range of lifestyles and views, and I got to see them all.


      I learned a great respect for my friends and it has made my

friendships strong.  Furthermore, I grew a great deal from all the

experiences I went through with my friends.  Sometimes a friend is the only

teacher for some lessons.  A friendship is something very personal and

powerful and plays an important and unique role in my life.

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