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This report will provide a market target analysis of Hanndia Pest Control Service Pty Ltd. Hanndia Pest Control Services, specialise in working with real estate agencies to manage white ant infestation of rental properties, by applying an environmentally friendly fumigation barrier. The main office is located in the Brisbane City council suburb of Calamvale, South Eastern Queensland, with a total of 20 employees. This includes the manager, field officers and administrative support. The purpose of this report is to identify the market target for Hanndia Pest Control Services. In order to achieve this, the report is structured to firstly analyse the market segmentation variables and secondly buyer behaviour. The conclusion will bring together these findings by distinguishing Hanndia Pest Control’s market target.
Segmentation is the process of determining the breakdown of the target market into smaller specific variables that make it easier to evaluate. Gabbott M (2004, p 159) describes the consumer related segmentation variables as being Geodemographic, Psychographic and Behavioural.
This segmentation variable combines the elements of the consumer’s demography and geography. These are the measurable characteristics of the consumer’s age, gender, cultural diversity, occupation, income level, family life cycle and their physical geographical location. (Gabbott, M., 2004, p. 159-160).
Age and Population
Hanndia Pest Control Service is located in the Queensland capital Brisbane. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (2006), “3218.0 Regional Population Growth” the local Brisbane City Council population, as at June 2005, was 971,757 persons with a median age of 34.9.

Interstate migration of 75,000 persons attributed to QLD highest growth in population in 2004-05 (ABS, 2006). The population of Brisbane has shown an increase of 2.3% from November 2005 to October 2006. Therefore this population increase is of benefit to Hanndia Pest Control Services, as the population arrives many more properties will be built and rented out to accommodate the growing demand for accommodation, and the need for ongoing protection from white ant infestation.
The Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA), (, 2006), recorded the number of residential bonds held, as at 30 September 2006, as 114,035 dwellings, including 49,740 house dwellings. The rental bonds were lodged by either private owners or by a real estate agency managing these dwellings. Therefore Hanndia Pest Control Services will target the real estate agencies operating as managing agents of these dwellings.
Occupation, Education and Income
Hanndia Pest Control Services will target the real estate agents who support the upper market investment home owner, they will be in a professional agents managing for dwellings for owners that have a professional or technical occupation, are between the ages of 30 and 50, are in a combined income range of $75 - $150 thousand dollars per annum.

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The Psychographic segment breaks down the personal behaviours of the consumer; these include to the consumer’s values orientation, lifestyle, attitudes, opinions, interests and personality. (Gabbott, M., 2004, p. 159).
One of the most recognisable systems to measure the psychographic segment is by using the VALS™ (Values Attitudes and Lifestyles Survey) Framework developed by SRI Consulting Business Intelligence in 1980 (, no date). VALS™ measures the underlying psychological motivations and resources that many consumers share that predict each group's typical choices as consumers.
The VALS™ Framework (, no date), consist of the following groups; 1. High Resource – Innovators (curious) 2. Ideals Motivated – Those that choose what is best, the Thinkers (reflective) and Believers (literal). 3. Achievement Motivated – Those motivated by symbols of success, the Achievers (goal orientated, conventional) and Strivers (contemporary). 4. Self Expression Motivated – Those that are motivated by experience, the Experiencers (impulsive) and Makers (responsible). 5. Low Resource – Survivors (cautious)
Different levels of and resources enhance or constrain a persons expression of his or her primary motivation. (, no date)
Hanndia Pest Control Service’s chooses to target the VALS™ type, Achievers, the goal orientated and conventional individual. The achiever types are consumer’s who understand that by maintaining the value of their property investment, they will be maximising the capital growth. They are consumers who wish to build futures and wealth, an attitude to do better. They wish to maximise their wealth by taking all possible precautions to protect their investment.
The personality of the consumer is the characteristics of the offer matched against the characteristics of the consumer. In effect creating a balance between the personalities of the consumer’s desired outcomes and benefits to the service offered. (Kotler P, et al, 2001)
Hanndia Pest Control Service target personality is the conscientious consumer. The Wikipedia Encyclopaedia (writings adapted from Johnson, Dr J.A.,[online], states that the Conscientiousness trait is, “A tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement (spontaneousness vs planned behaviour).Conscientious individuals avoid trouble and achieve high levels of success through purposeful planning and persistence. They are also positively regarded by others as intelligent and reliable.”
Hanndia Pest Control Service targets the conscientious personality because it will reflect the quality service provided to the owners through a real estate agency managing the property. In effect the benefits of high conscientiousness are that the consumers will respond positively to the need to use the pest control service on a regular basis.
Behavioural segmentation variable is defined as “the categorisation of markets according to people’s product usage patterns, adoption rates, and their ability and experiences” (Gabbott, M., 2004, p. 164). Therefore the benefits sort by the consumer from Hanndia Pest Control Services is to provide a safe environmental protection against white ant infestation and to maintain the quality of the property. This provides two benefits to the consumer, the intangible, that is, the safety of protection by using the service, and the tangible, when the property has been sold on the physical capital gain will be realised.
In order to maintain the quality of service provided to the agents, strong business relationships will be developed. Communications will be opened, information freely available through web access for both real estate agents and their clients. Therefore the conscientious personality will be confident in product delivery.
Buyer Behaviour
In order to target the marketing to a specific group it is important to first identify your consumers values. Templer, A., (Oct 2004) mentions that focus on the customers is not maintained, then a good outcome can not be fully realised for the company. The process of determining buyer behaviour is to evaluate the following three stages; firstly the “Prelude” to the sale, desired benefits and expectations equalling the perceived risks, secondly the actual “Exchange”, and thirdly the “Post Exchange”, the after sale service and experience.
Hanndia Pest Control Service will provide excellent after sales service to the real estate agency by providing
Consumer Drives
Mark Gabbott, (2004, P 35), defines customer values as, “the central, enduring beliefs that guide a customers’ behaviour”. It is these values that motivate or drive the customers to desire the services of Hanndia Pest Control Services. To expand on this concept the target customer is one that is motivated and driven to achieve family security by having the means to maintain the value of their assets. Indirectly, protecting the value of their property by providing a protection and therefore maintaining the value. In effect, the target market will display a need for high value, cost effective, family security and professional qualities when choosing a pest control service.
Personal Circumstances
Temporal resources
Temporal resources are time resources that are limited. Consumers must divide their time up to many tasks in their normal day to day life. (Gabbott, M., 2004). The perceived risks of looking after the pest control for the consumer’s investment property require a large amount of time resources. Being a conscientious consumer, the management of their property investment will be passed onto a real estate agency. In effect reducing the time needed to organise any maintenance of the investment property but still keeping their property well maintained.
Cognitive Resources
Cognitive resources are “the need to have some knowledge of what they are buying for them to achieve their goals”. (Bednall, 2004, p. 84). This knowledge is not always known to the consumer, it is gained through experience or involvement in the decision to purchase. Hanndia Pest Control Services has the experience and knowledge to perform the task of white ant protection. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Authority and therefore can provide security to the purchaser that this company is qualified and reliable. The investment owner maintains authority over large purchases and is able to utilise the real estate agency’s knowledge and experience to lead them to the most suitable option of utilising Hanndia Pest Control Services.
In conclusion this report has identified the single target market as the real estate agencies who manage house properties, the location of the rental properties will be in the Brisbane city council locality, with a high conscientious personality trait and an expectation of maximising the capital value. Managing the property for home owners who are high achievers and conscientious of maintaining the value of the property. They will be aged between 30 and 50 with a mid to high income and have a professional occupation. This report investigated the key segment variables of Geodemographic, Psychographic and Behavioural. It identified the key buyers’ behaviours concepts and provided evidence to supports the chosen target market, for Hanndia Pest Control Services.

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