Importance of Leadership in a Society

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A society with the absence of leadership will lead to chaos. Recently, the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died and this has caused his followers to be in disarray. Currently in Palestine the followers are trying to ameliorate life and figure who will replace Arafat. For when there is an absence of leadership it causes followers to panic. The panic of the people leads to the confusion of their everyday life. Leadership implies that a person must posses certain qualities. There are many traits that must be shown to be a good leader. If a leader is noncommittal and callow then a society will fail. However when trying to restore order in a society one person may try to accomplish it by themselves but this rarely works. When working alone or in a small group, three things can happen and lead to more disarray. These things are isolation, too much authority, and control.
Isolation is being separated from others. When trying to become a leader many times isolation occurs. It can start out by creating classes which can lead to defining people in those classes. For example making some classes better than others, this then leads to segregation. The different classes are therefore treated better and have more privileges. Know with Arafat's death there is no leadership in Palestine, which is causing isolation and disorder. In the novel, 1984, by George Orwell there is a separation of class. They have the Inner Party, the Outer Party, and the Proles. All of the parties were treated differently. As a result this led to an unhappy and boring life for everyone. But at the same time this could have been avoided if leadership was shown. Sure Big Brother or the Inner Party was the leader in Oceania, but they showed no leadership qualities. Even in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee there are many events of isolation. Examples of isolation in the town of Maycomb are the different class systems. For instance Aunt Alexandra shows the separation of class by explaining her harsh feelings about the Cunninghams and others families who are disparate. The whole town shows their feelings during the trial of Tom Robinson and how they felt about blacks. Thus the isolation in class also results in the separation of race. Because of the segregation shown by some people in the town it leads to the death of Tom Robinson.

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Without leadership in the town of Maycomb people only understand what they are use to from the past. People are not use to change, without change and leadership the town does not succeed. All in all leadership is important to every aspect of life.
In addition to isolation someone trying to become the new leader in society can become power hungry with authority. There is a lot of authority that comes with being a leader and if this power is not used carefully it can lead to disorder of the people. The main reason why there is disorder in Palestine is because there is not authority, since Arafat's death. In fact this is shown in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell the animals overthrow Mr. Jones to created autonomy for the farm with new leadership. In the making of their leadership Napoleon realizes all the power that comes with being a leader and is addicted to it. Of course this is why he prevails to be leader and emulates to rule Animal Farm. Therefore he decides to get rid of Snowball so he could remain the only one with the authority. Indeed this ends up ruining the farm and causing the animals to go back to having no rule. If Napoleon was equitable the rule of the farm could have lasted longer. Also in the novel The Odyssey, when Odysseus is gone all of the men in the town want to have authority so they pursue Odysseus's wife so they could replace Odysseus and have the power. This ends up poorly because when Odysseus returns he finds this out and kills all of the suitors. In conclusion people are infested with power they loose the main integrity to be a leader. They forget to show leadership to guide their followers and instead fail to succeed.
Furthermore control is a key that can lead to failure as a leader. Indeed everyone would want to have control when being a leader in society. The same is true in Palestine now without leadership everyone wants control. Specifically in the novel The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Jack wants control of the boys and to be the sole leader. Jack wants to be the leader so bad that he enjoins the other boys to leave Ralph and join his group. This is an example of how much control influences the decisions that a leader can make. It is true that Jack becomes eager for control and this causes the boys to go wild and almost kill Ralph their first leader. Finally, when control is abused it can lead to serious problems. Jack abused the control and had all of the boys working for him and they were treated unfairly.
To summarize, a society with the absence of leadership will lead to disorder.
With the loss of leadership all of the everyday behavior is lost. All of the novels relate to lack of leadership and the problems that follow. When isolation occurs it can lead to separation of classes and segregation. Once too much authority is used it can lead to downfall in society. When control is abused it can cause manipulation for decisions. These problems are associated when a leader shows poor leadership and compels themself to be overwhelmed by isolation, authority, and control.

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