Computers Cause Laziness

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Looking around at daily life, I noticed a pattern of computer oriented devices that make life easier. While I do agree with faster production and less work, I can not allow this degenerative spiral of laziness to continue, it is out of control. These devices are in most daily activities ranging from waking up to an alarm clock to watching the news before going to bed. All of these computerized facets of our society help to increase our daily productivity and help us do whatever it is we need to accomplish in the day in the easiest way possible. The computer age is upon us and it will continue to grow in influence until society revolves around it daily, without any need for improvement. .
In personal computers, the industry has been creating faster machines that can store more information than before. For example, speed, the microprocessor has been tweaked to perform high rates of data transactions. What this means for the average person is that we can be much more productive in a day than the average person 50 years ago. to allow faster hook-up to the Internet, fiber optic lines have been added, to transfer data about 35,714,285 times faster than conventional phone lines (about 28,000 bits per second has been pushed to about 1,000,000,000,000 bits per second). This may seem ridiculous to you but if you stop and think how many lazy people get on-line every day to order movies, pizza, and do there E-bay all from the comfort of home you will see that this is not only ridiculous but scandalous and down right insane.
As speed enhances, memory and storage space is needed to hold excess information. “Double data rate three, synchronous dynamic random access memory” or DDR3 SDRAM is a new, faster memory module that helps transfer RAM data about 80 times faster than normal RAM. For long term storage of large amounts of data, hard drives have been under a constant upgrade of performance, and it is not uncommon to find hard drives about 300 gigabytes to 1 terabyte on the market. One terabyte may not sound like a lot of space to you so to give you an example it’s like having the ability of storing 13 million movies on your computer or 26.7 million songs and its all to keep you fat lazy and dumb.
Along with technology, an ease of use factor has been instilled in the modern day PC's so it’s easier for the elderly and the toddlers to use.

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The most notable ease of use enhancement is a GUI (Graphical User Interface), which allows the user to see a choice instead of reading about it. The most notable GUI is the word processor. With the use of word processors on a computer comes the use of spell check. spell check, is probably the one thing the contributed the most to are lazy society for now people no longer need to learn there own language any more all the nee to do now is get close and the machine dose the work for you
The most growing part of the computer-lazy world is the Internet. It allows users to send a program or picture. With that came the proliferation of porn and games which are meant to slow you down, dumb you up, and make you fat and lazy. In addition to the proliferation of porn and games, the Internet is also used to give information on almost any topic. It is a tool now common in college research because it offers millions of sources and there is no limit to finding information. But with this information came Massive plagiarization were before you needed to read a book and really study now you can complete an essay in 10 minutes.
Society is changing rapidly. This change is attributed to ease of use of computer manufactured goods. These luxuries that became standard living tools are creating a society in which computers will rule. We will continue to develop technology until life is as automated as it could get. Almost every daily task will be computerized and humans will be fat, lazy, and happy.

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