Human Cloning is Playing God

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Human cloning is it ethical? I think that human cloning should be banned. The president's stand on human cloning is the same, he believes that all forms of cloning should be banned. Sure cloning has its benefits, but it is not our job to "play God." Human cloning is unethical there are also health risks, emotional risks, risks of abuse of the technology, and over population which leads to global warming. Human cloning is immoral, we know little about it which makes it dangerous with lots of risks.
First of all there are health risks, which is the biggest disadvantage with human cloning. People who agree with human cloning agree with it because of the benefits that could do on people?s health, but they should consider the health risks. There are miscarriage deaths, deaths seen after birth, tissue rejection and abnormalities. 10 out of 12 cloned mice born apparently healthy at birth lived less than 800 days. Source: Scotsman ?To subject human beings to cloning is not taking an unknown risk, it's knowingly harming people,? Kilner said. Large percentage of cloning efforts end in failure, it took hundreds of attempts to clone Dolly. ?No human life should be exploded or extinguish for the benefit for another? President Bush. Due to large percentages of animal cloning ending in failure and the lack of understanding about human cloning, many scientists and physicians strongly believe that it would be unethical to attempt to clone humans.
Emotional pressures on a teenager trying to establish his or her identity is also a concern. How will a child be able to distinguish between her mother, and her sister? For example baby Eve was born by caesarian section in Miami on Thursday, weighs 3.1kg and is the exact genetic duplicate of her 31-year-old US mother, according to Clonaid head Brigitte Boisselier. If a father sees his wife's clone grow up into the exact replica of the individual he fell in love with, would a sexual relationship with his wife's twin be wrong? How would they feel if they knew they were a replacement for another? Cloning denies an individual to their own identity. Cloning simply re-creates the genes of the person, not their memories or personality. It is not easy to lose one loved one, but the thought of losing several would be unethical.
Third there are the risks of abuse of the technology. If cloning is not ban and becomes legal people are going to want to clone celebrities, inventors, and athletes from the past.

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Nature chose them to be born and die during a certain time. No doctor, scientist, or geneticist has or should be given the power to create life by means of genetic technology. Such power is dangerous and could be abused. What would Hitler have done with cloning technology had it been invented in the 1940s? Human cloning would not only lack individuality but could produce a new race of individuals who could be easily manipulated. Leaders today would use this to create clone soldiers and use them to take over the world.
Last but not least there are over population problems. People are going to want to benefit from cloning. This means that the world?s population will double if not triple in size. The world already has problems with overpopulation as it is. Human cloning would lead to job shortages, health care issues, hunger, and deforestation and eventually lead to global warming. As a result Global warming will lead to the end of the human race. What we need is that those parents who want to replace their children or want to use human cloning to be able to have children should adopt. For example there was a study that concluded that the cause of infertile women sadness, was not only by infertile but from being ?involuntary childlessness?. This would help with our population problem and make both the child and woman happy. There are plenty of kids in the world already who want, better yet who need loving parents.
Human cloning is unethical, we know little about it which makes it dangerous with lots of risks and disadvantages that we can not ignore because it may lead to the end of mankind. Human cloning can not be allowed, because of the risks that may lead to people?s life, emotions, and way of life at stake. ?Life is a creation not a commodity? President Bush.

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