Sorority House Ghost Story

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Sorority House Ghost Story

I searched until I heard a story that gave me the chills. It comes from right around the block from where I live on campus, at one of the sorority houses at the University of Maryland. I collected this story the weekend of April 2nd, at my fraternity house. I asked my friend, a junior from Pikesville, if she knows any ghost stories. Her face lit up as if she was dying to tell me this story since the first time we ever met. She asked “you never heard the story of the ghost in the sorority house?” I replied no. The normally quiet woman demanded my attention away from the TV and went into her story.

"Many years ago a bunch of girls in my house [supposedly] were drinking and celebrating a girl’s 21st birthday party.” She went on to explain that drinking in sorority houses is forbidden by the university, and that a sorority would get thrown out of their own house if the university or the police ever found out. My friend told this story very well. I felt like I should turn out the lights and give her a flashlight to hold up to her face. She went on to say that, according to the legend, everyone was very drunk and pushed the birthday girl to keep drinking. It is tradition that the birthday boy or girl takes 21 shots on his or her 21st birthday. Unfortunately for this young woman, she passed out before she made it to her benchmarked 21st shot. The women, terrified that if they brought her to a hospital they would get into trouble for drinking in their house, took the birthday girl to her bed and tried taking care of her themselves. Before midnight (when she would have turned 21), the young woman died of alcohol poisoning. Ever since that night, the sorority house has been haunted. The storyteller told me that a friend she knows once had her keyboard pulled out of her desk in the middle of the night and the keys mysteriously started moving on their own. She said that toilets inexplicably flush and the sinks in the house sometimes turn on without anybody touching them.

The storyteller made the legend very believable in the way she described young women who I know who have had ghost encounters.

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If she had said, “some girls in the past have had their keyboards typed on by ghosts,” it would not have had the same effect on me. Also, the particular sorority house is one of the oldest-looking sorority or fraternity houses on campus. The side of it looks like a haunted house, it is a very large, old, brick house on the corner, covered in vines.

To research the story, I went on the Internet. There is no documentation of any ghost haunting at the Maryland sorority house, but there is a similar story at Ohio State ( According to legend, a young woman jumped into Mirror Lake as an Ohio State tradition for the weekend when Ohio State plays Michigan in football. She was drunk at the time and landed the wrong way and broke her neck. Her sorority sisters refused to take her to the hospital because they were afraid of the consequences, and instead brought her to her bed where she died. It is said that the closet doors in that room inexplicable open and close all the time. The beds in the house also have been said to make noises without anyone even lying in them.

The story that I researched mirrors the story that my friend told me. It is probably a very old sorority story to teach the girls two important lessons. The first lesson is not to drink a lot. The second lesson is to take care of your sorority sister when in need. In both stories, the victim’s sorority sisters refused to get her medical attention because they were afraid of getting in trouble. The young women’s ghosts haunts these houses to make living in these houses as scary and unbearable as possible, since the sisters chose living in the house over saving their friends’ lives. This legend teaches the sorority sisters that a sorority is about the people, not the house.

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