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This takes place in the Florida Keys up to Miami. It is placed in modern day time. This story happens in the summer.

This book is about a family whose dad is a tour guild. He used to work with a man name Dusty Muleman. He said that one day he was going to form a new business. He owned a casino boat that was parked in Indian Territory. He made a deal with the Indians that he could gamble on their waters and pay them a part of the profit. Since his ship the Coral Queen never left the dock passengers did not get see sick and continued to gamble and spend money. In order to save money he dumps his waste from the holding tanks into the ocean at night when nobody is looking. Noah’s dad a person who stands up for the environment sinks his boat and is put in jail. Noah and his sister decide to try and find a way to stop him.
They talk to their dad and he tells them that he worked with a man called Lice Pecking. He says the he also worked on the boat and he could testify on the fact that Dusty really did dump his waste into the ocean. It turns out he is kidnapped and is unable to testify. They meet his wife Shelly. She tells them that she will help them stop Dusty’s Casino scam. She tells him that she wants to work as a bartender in Dusty’s Boat. She tells them that one night she stays late and sees Dusty dumping the waste from the ship. A few days later he goes to a small pond and sees a park ranger putting up signs that say the water in the pond is contaminated from human waste. Since there are many boats docked in the harbors its impossible to see what boat the waste is actually coming from. They then get the idea to color the waste with a very bright dye and allow after us seeps out the trail of brightly colored water will be tracked back to dusty’s boat. They then go into a food store and purchase 35 bottles of Fuchsia dye. They then tell Shelly their plan. They tell her that Noah will hide in a box full of rum and wait till it is picked up and placed on the ship he then will go into a restroom and Shelly will tack on an out of order sign.

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He will then take his bag full of dye and squeeze it out into the toilets. After that he will leave the ship and go home. Since kids are not allowed on the ship he will need to be very careful. The plan has some problems and they barely make it off. A guard catches him and threatens to shot if he does not explain everything. Then a strange pirate attacks the guard. When he gets home it turns out the pirate was his uncle Bobby who was thought to be dead years ago. His dad gets out of jail and everything is resolved.

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