Good vs. Evil in John Steinbeck's East of Eden

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Good vs. Evil in East of Eden


"God saw that all he had created was very good. You are part of gods creation, and he is pleased with how he made you. If at times you feel worthless or of little value, remember that god made you for a good reason. You are valuable to him." ( Genesis 1:31) I believe that all things created are at first good. The Bible gives pages upon pages of quotes and stories on the battle of good versus evil, but in the story East of Eden we are given what might be the greatest question of it all, and that is if the main character Cathy a.k.a. Kate was born good or evil.


Kate was born and brought up an only child. At first Kate was a normal child and no one thought anything of her. When she got a little bit older Kate began to do things other children wouldn't normally do. At one point she was caught in her Barn with two boys and her tied up. Her mother and father punished her for this and whipped her until she was good again. Kate was doing great things, she was doing things that made her look like a perfect child. One day though Kate made a plan to kill her parents by locking them in the house while she sets it on fire. Kate did this and immediately got out of town. This is when Kate made her and ended up with Adam Trask another main character.


Adam fell in love with Kate and ended up marring her and moving into a ranch with her. Kate the whole time stayed silent and not very sociable. She became pregnant gave birth to twin boys. Right after the boys were born she went on a mad rampage and shot Adam in the shoulder and ran off to be a whore. She told Adam she was Evil and didn't want anything to do with him or the boys.


Kate ran away to a whore house and there she tortured and blackmailed many important men in the community. These man could not stop coming back, as though she had some power over them. All the while Adam was home trying to deal with the heart break of Kate leaving and her almost killing him.

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Adam had once made a trip to visit Kate to only find out how Evil she really was, and who she really was.


Kate throughout the story was mean, evil, and cold hearted, you would see little evidence of even having a heart. I believe This Evil and cold-heartens had to do with her upbringing. Kate being an only child didn't have the privilege of growing up with an older sibling or having any suck role model character. I think she had lots of pressure put on by her parents and peers to succeed in life. Kate didn't know how to handle it so she rebelled. Her parents didn't know how to handle such a thing since she was their first child, so they beat her. They taught her that evil will produce good. Kate lived her life that way. She did it so much that she got pleasure from doing bad.


In conclusion I believe it was Kate's poor upbringing that had made her such an evil person. I feel that if she would have had a better and more positive upbringing she may have come out much better. Kate's way of life was not normal, but I feel that people are born good and through nurture and love people stay good, but if people don't get enough love then they may not turn out good, but evil.

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