Chariots of Fire

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Chariots of Fire Assignment

1. In the movie, Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell most strongly observed the 3rd commandment of not playing sport on the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is seen as a day of rest. This was seen on the Sunday of the Olympics when he refused to race.

The second commandment Eric Liddell most strongly observed was the …
2. The Sabbath is designed as a day of rest after working for six days, no work including sport is to be performed on this day. When God created the earth, he set aside the seventh day as a day of rest after all the hard work he had done.

3. Eric Liddell did not compete in his heat at the Olympics on the Sunday which led up to the major running event because he placed God before his sport and God’s rule was that the Sabbath was to be a day of rest.

4. Harold Abraham is a Jewish man who valued his athletics a lot more than his Jewish religion. On the other hand, Eric Liddell was the complete opposite and was a strong Christian and valued this more than his athletics.

The sacrifice Eric made for Christianity was very big for him as he had to miss a vital heat. Harold on the other hand was much more focused on running than
anything else in his life. He put the activity of running first even before those that he loved including his wife and his Jewish religion. Harold became depressed whenever he lost a race and took running to a serious level where he almost did not even consider religion part of his life.
Even though Harold seemed to work harder throughout the film to become a better runner Eric seemed to be the victor in every encounter the two had, this could have been because of God’s blessing to Eric for following in Christianity more than Harold.

4. This movie reflects on the pictures in the ‘Two Ways We Choose To Live’ because Eric Liddell chose to put Christianity before anything else including running which was one of his passions, this is an example of what God wants us to do.

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Whereas Harold Abraham chose to put running before religion which is unfavoured by the lord and an example of making yourself king instead of God.

5. I believe that I am half way between the two options to live. There are times when I choose to live life my own way and deliberately disobey God and there are other times where I think what God or Jesus would do in a certain situation and try to do just that.

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