Management Styles at Coca-Cola

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Management Styles at Coca-Cola

The success that the management team has in motivating its employees
to meet their objectives is based on the management style they adopt.
There are three main management styles; autocratic, democratic and a
laissez-faire style.


The North London Coca-Cola branch has an ethos or culture than is run
in a ‘laissez-faire’ style, meaning ‘hands off’ approach. If the
workers are meeting their KBI, Key Business Indicators, then the
managers and directors of the company take this relaxed style of
coordinating their business. They have a vision to ‘refresh everyone
everyday’ and values to take pride in their work, to be ‘honest, fair
and determined to win’ and have a passion for action.

With the same spirited investment as the world's premier marketer and
beverage industry leader for more than 118 years, Coca-Cola are
focused on strategic workplace programs that help assure the success
of our commitment to embracing the similarities and differences of
people, cultures and ideas.

Diversity Advisory Council - the Company’s corporate Diversity
Advisory Council consists of a representative group of employees from
all levels, functions and business units of the organization. The
Council develops recommendations for senior management on advancing
the company's efforts towards achieving our diversity objectives.

Employee Forums – Coca-Cola believe that a sense of community enhances
their ability to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent and ideas
as a source of competitive business advantage

In the United States, through employee forums, employees can connect
with colleagues who share similar interests and backgrounds. In those
forums and elsewhere, employees support each other's personal and
professional growth and enhance their individual and collective
ability to contribute to the company.

The success at Coca Cola is due to their laissez-faire culture and
culture is important because it can affect many people and things to
do with the business. If the culture of the business is not clear, it
can affect the presence and punctuality. This means that if Coca Cola
had a firm and unfriendly culture it could result in their staff not

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coming to work because of a poor working atmosphere, or they might not
like the work they are given so they either come in late or take a day
of work. This would result in the business losing out on work, and
have less time to call in for a replacement.

The culture of Coca Cola could have an affect on industrial relations,
between managers and workers. So i Coca Cola didn't have a warm and
genial culture it would cause more disagreements between staff and
managers and staff would not be motivated to work. For example, staff
may have to cut down on rest days, this could cause arguments as all
staff would be tired from working everyday and would not have time to
recover or time to relax. However, if the company had a inviting
culture then the managers and staff would get very well as staff would
have less stress to compete with and would have a friendly environment
to work in, and work could be done more efficiently.

Coca-Cola also has a hierarchy of visions and values for their
company, as follows;


‘Team working’ is a sub culture within the Coca-Cola Company. Teams
are accountable for activates, for example:

· Quality

· Utilisation

· Yield

Within this system, there needs to be a balance of Utilisation, the
speed the factory works at, and the Yield. The ‘Yield’ is the amount
of raw materials lost or wasted.

Teams also vary in number and are lead by a team leader.

* Safety

* Housekeeping

* Continuous Improvements

* Recruitment, training and resource planning

* Budgetary planning and control.

A part of the culture and management style in the Coca-Cola Company in
Edmonton, is its ‘Employee Engagement’. This consists of five points;

* Realizations, delivery of hard stuff is simply not enough.

* Openly acknowledge this to workforce

* Do what it takes to engage every employee in the space of 16 days

* Involved everyone in the design of the management style consistent
with our vision and values

* Identified talented individuals across the operation act as
internal facilitators to train out the new behavioral standards

On the factory floor at Coca-Cola, there is an autocratic system of
management where are controlled by managers and follow procedures.
There are also elements of democracy, by teamwork and uniform.
Employees of the company all wear the same uniform, even if they are a
manager, director or team leader. This means there is no demarcation
and there is the same uniform for each level of the hierarchy so
nobody feels intimidated.

The CCE have also adopted a ‘Quality Culture’ and to maintain quality
within their products they have a TQM department. This means Total
Quality Management where they have staff who deal with the quality of
the Coca-Cola.

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