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Aspects of a Wedding

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Aspects of a Wedding

A woman in a white dress walking down an aisle with a bouquet of
flowers and a man in a suit with a smart suit… Or is it a girl in a
red sari with lots of gold and jewellery… A big party…maybe…. with
loud music and dancers on the dance floor?

Each and every culture around the globe has its own way to celebrate a
wedding. Since many Muslims come from different parts of the world
then there are many differences or comparisons can be made between two
weddings in two different countries.

Still though there are still some certain things that are basic to
every Islamic wedding, no matter where it takes place.

The important people are:

Imam- (or a person who will perform the ceremony) the bride, the
bride’s father, the bridegroom, and two witnesses.

Other people such as friends and family are most welcome.

The wedding ceremony itself can be held at a mosque, in the comfort of
your own home or even in a rented out hall.

The hall/ home/ mosque can be decorated, but it can be left simple.

The imam is a religious man who is familiar with the rules of an
Islamic wedding. He begins by first finding personal information about
them, such as their full names, parent’s names, and dates of birth.
This information is usually writes it down it a marriage contract. He
then begins the ceremony be reading passages of the Quran itself. He
may five a speech about the importance of marriage and their
relationship between the husband and the wife, which is based on
respect, love, happiness and consideration.

He may then explain the duties and the rights of both husband and the

And the respect they should have for each other.

It is a custom for the imam to ask the bride 3 times if she agrees to
the marriage. When he is positive, he then continues and asks either
her or her guardian to repeat the words of offering: (it is usually
the father who does


‘ I, (so- and- so), offer you (the bride groom’s name) (my daughter/
grand daughter/ niece), in the accordance of the laws of the Quran and
the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and according to the mahr the
dowry upon between us.’

If the woman has been previously been married, her father’s permission
is need not necessary. In this case she can have her father again or
another man to represent her or if she wishes she could do it her

In this case the words of offering is read like this:

‘I, so- and- so, accept (the brides name) as my wife, in accordance
with the laws of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet and
according to the mahr agreed upon us.’

The mahr is also known as the dowry is a gift from the husband to the
wife at the time of marriage. It can be anything of value, such as,
jewellery, furniture, land, or even animals. It can also be a promise
to teach her good knowledge, to pray or to read the Quran even. The
purpose of the dowry is to give the wife some financial independence
and security in case of divorce or hard times or death of the husband.

The wedding is the most magical and happiest time of your lives that
you feel like telling the whole world… right?

In Islamic weddings that is exactly what they do…well not literally!

They invite many people in the Muslim community and many more to come
to a big party held for 3 days running.

In some countries, you sometimes have to register your marriage, maybe
at the Town Hall, or a civil ceremony maybe required in addition to
the Islamic wedding.


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