Analysis of Lady Macbeth's Speech

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Analysis of Lady Macbeth's Speech
I am delirious with happiness at the glad tidings that Macbeth brings.
He says that he met super natural forces upon the heath and recalled
their predictions about his future. He says they predicted that he
will be Thane of Cawdor and he will be greater as time moves on.

“Glamis thou art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promis’d.

I am delighted with the news. I love my husband, yet I do fear that
Macbeth is too weak and kind. Macbeth seems as if he does not have the
strength, the devilish courage and a reckless spirit to murder

“Yet I do fear thy nature;

It is too full of the milk of human kindness”

I know my husband is ambitious, but he is not callous enough to commit
murder. Without treachery, he will never achieve anything in life. I
am relentless in these thoughts. Duncan has to die so that Macbeth and
I can rule Scotland.

“Art not without ambition, but without the evil that should attend

I am elated. I wish Macbeth had wings on his feet so that he would
hasten home to me where I can give him the wisdom and courage and help
him clear all doubts that hamper his efforts to become King and attain
the Golden Crown. I will cajole, chastise and convince him till he
believes him and carries out my wishes. This is the fastest way to the
throne and there is no other way.

“Pour spirits into thine ear

And chastise thee with the valour of my tongue

All that impedes thee from the golden round.”

Glad Tidings have come my way. There are bells on my feet and rings on
my toes. I am dancing with ecstasy. A messenger has brought good news
that King Duncan will feasting and boarding in our castle tonight. Can
you believe this? Luck is riding our \way.

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I keep on dancing. I am
filled with jubilation. Tonight

Macbeth will be king and Duncan will be no more. History will have the
name of Macbeth written down. Imagine Macbeth being King of Scotland.
A thousand and one thoughts rush through my mind. How will Macbeth be
King? Will the plot succeed? Will Macbeth not be too full of the ‘Milk
of Human Kindness?’ My body shakes with excitement yet my mind is
troubled with the thoughts of fear. I have to remain firm in my
resolution put an end to Duncan and secure Macbeth’s rights. Macbeth
has to covet the title of the King. I don’t want to be a woman of the
qualities of kindness warmth and tenderness. I wiil suppress my
conscience. I will convincingly try to manipulate his thoughts in such
a manner until he accepts that Duncan’s death is necessary.

I do not want to be constrained by these feminine qualities. Let the
poison of viciousness, ruthlessness and ambition run through my blood.

“unsex me here,

and fill me to the crown to the toe-top full

of direst cruelty.”

I want to be absolved of all that makes me fell regretful when Duncan
dies. I want to be free of all feelings of guilt so that I can help
Macbeth murder Duncan. I want to be free, so that even heaven with all
its powers cannot penetrate trough my evil intentions. Come, dense,
dark night. I welcome thee in thy darkest form so that no heavenly
beings shall render me feeble when the knife strikes through the King.

“Come thick night,

And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of Hell,

That even my keen knife sees not what wound it makes,

Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark,

To cry “Hold, hold!”

I will be his strength that Macbeth needs and support him that he
succeeds. Time is a great healer and in the passage of time we will
forget all that is about to take place now and

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