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The Romanov Family

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The Romanov Family
Source Based

1) Source A says that Sergeyev believes that not all of Tsar's family
was killed there. Sergeyev believes that Tsar, the family doctor, two
servants and the maid were shot in the Ipatiev house. This report can
not be relied on because Sergeyev is supporting the Provisional
government and the provisional government didn't like Tsar and his
rules. This Provisional government wanted to change things. This
source was written by an American newspaper. Source B basically says
that there is no evidence of who were shot or killed there but it is
supposed that five people were shot in the house. This suggestion is
made by sergeyev who at that time is against Tsar and was leading Sir
Eliot around. This source is from Sir Charles Eliot's report to the
British government. I believe that the two sources A and B are not
reliable both sources are mostly influenced by sergeyev who is
supportive of the Provisional government and is maybe trying to hide
something from the people which the Provisional government didn't want
the people or media to find out.

2) Source A states that sergeyev believes that not the whole of Tsar's
family were killed in the Ipatiev house. Sergeyev believes that tsar,
family doctor, two servants and the maid were shot in the Ipatiev
house. Source B which is from Sir Eliot's report Ipative house. Source
C which is

from the book published by Judge Sokolov. This source states that when
Sergeyev handed the case of the deaths investigation to judge Sokolov
said that he believes that not all of the Romanov family had been
killed in the Ipatiev house. Sergeyev believes that the killings did
not take place on the upper floor but took place in the basement. The
Murder was carried out by revolvers and bayonets. Sergeyev believes
that on the 17th of July a lorry took the bodies to a mine. The main
purpose of this was to destroy the bodies. Sergeyev says that bodies
were chopped into pieces and burned with acid of petrol and sulphuric
acid. In source A Sergeyev believes that not all of the Tsar's were
killed in the Ipatiev house and in source C Sergeyev says that "he had
no doubt about the fact that the entire Romanov family had been
massacred in the Ipatiev house". Both of the sources C and B agree
that revolvers were used to kill the Tsar's. Source's A and B are
similar to C. The sources A and B are influenced by Sergeyev whereas
source C is Sergeyev's book which he published in 1924. Sources A and
B do not refer to anything to do with chopping up the bodies and
burning them with petrol and acid. In source C it does not say
anything about the surviving members and that they left on a train
from Ekaterinburg and this is not mentioned in source A and C. Source
C does not differ much from sources A and B but it gives more detail
in what Sergeyev believed happened.

3). In source D, Pavel Medvedev says that the emperor walked ahead
with his son then came his daughters. They were led into the corner
room next to the storeroom. He says that the empress stood behind Tsar
and behind her stood three of her daughters. The maid stood by the
storeroom door with the other daughter. Medvedev was told to go into
the street and see if he could hear the shots being fired, when he
came back in he saw Tsar's family lying on the floor and eleven men
then took the bodies out to a lorry. This source can not be relied on
as this source is the notes of the whites and the whites probably
tortured him. Pavel must have been lying due to his life being
threatened by the whites. In source E Pavel's wife says that Pavel and
Tsar's family were led downstairs and a paper was read out to them it
said "the revolution is dying and so shall you". That was the letter
read out to them. Pavel's wife said that "My husband fired too".
Pavel's wife says that "Medvedev stupidly told one other guard that he
had emptied two or three bullets into Tsar, this established his
guilt". This quotation is taken from source E. Source D does not have
to be reliable just because it is an eye witness account because Pavel
Medvedev could have been under pressure by the whites. Pavel has no
reason to lie to his wife which means he is more likely to be telling
the truth to this wife and source D could be a lie due to the whites
influencing him.

4) Source F is a photo which shows the bloodstains of Tsar's family on
the walls of the basement. Source G is a painting based on the
investigation of the whites and

source H is a diagram based on the information of judge Sokolov got
from the witness he interviewed. I would use source G because it is a
painting by the whites who are the opposition of the Bolsheviks and
the painting is the information the whites gathered in their
investigation. Source G fits the description of source D. Source F is
the bloodshed marks which fits the positions described in source D.
Source G also fits the positions described in source D which is the
positions of Tsar's and the guards.

5) Source I is a message from the district soviet of the Ural to the
Bolsheviks in Petrograd in 1918 on the 20th of July. Its is basically
a letter from the whites to the Bolsheviks saying that in Ekaterinburg
people are being influenced by Tsar and the counter revolutionary
groups and the people are starting to turn against the Bolsheviks so
the Bolsheviks decided to kill Tsar. I am not really surprised by this
source because it was the Bolsheviks plan to get rid of Tsar and
remove Tsar from power. There was danger in Ekaterinburg of people
turning against the Bolsheviks so they decided to kill Tsar.

6) Source J is from a British newspaper. This source says that two of
the imperial family's children were missing when the archaeologists
opened a burial pit near Ekaterinburg. Source J talks about DNA tests
identifying Nicholas Tsar, his wife and three of their daughters.
Source A does not entirely agree with this statement because in source
A it says that Tsar, the family doctor, two servants and the

maid were shot in the Ipatiev house. None of the sources mentioned
anything about a burial pit near Ekaterinburg. Marks on the skeletons
show that the girls, protected by jewels sown into their underclothes
were finished off by the bayonets. Some of the sources do talk about
the use of bayonets and source J agrees with the use of bayonets. The
bodies were driven to a mine and the mine was then blown up. Source C
agrees with the fact that the bodies were driven to a mine but does
not say anything about the mine being blown up with the use of
grenades. Source J says that the mine did not collapse and the next
day the bodies were put back on a lorry and then the lorry was bogged
down in swamp and the remains were buried right there. None of the
sources agree or mention the information provided above except from
source J. Source J does not by far agree with the information that the
other sources have given. Source J slightly hints at information given
in the other sources but source J is a detailed account of what was
found after the death of Tsar and his family and what could have
happened with the bodies.

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