A Fable for Tomorrow by Carson

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A Fable for Tomorrow by Carson How does the Author of the following extracts use language to convey
changes and contrasts in mood and meaning?

The title of the chapter “A Fable for Tomorrow” gives the impression
that the novel is a log of events and a tale of what might be in the
future if present practises and the use of pesticides were allowed to

The opening paragraph of A Fable for Tomorrow conveys the beautiful
image of a fertile American town. Carson describes the elements of
nature and wildlife to express the idyllic surrounding of the town.
The language used in the first two paragraphs outlines the area to
which the book is set, this depicts that it is almost perfect and an
idyllic place to be. The mood is tranquil and takes the reader to a
place “where all life seemed to live in harmony”. In the first two
paragraphs Carson uses language of melodrama to inspire the reader’s
admiration for the beauty and harmony and also acknowledge the
disgrace for the reckless destruction caused by chemical pesticides.

The use of children in the third paragraph brings the mood and meaning
to a new level in the novel, although the children are said to be “at
play” they are stricken with “sickness” and “unexplained death”, this

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has changed the mood from being tranquil to one of sadness and upset
amongst the residents and families in the town.

The fourth paragraph relates back to the wildlife and surroundings of
the American town, the difference in language presents the mood of
sadness and emptiness, Carson describes there is a “Shadow of death”,
as the wildlife around were struck with illness and death. The
contrast in the mood from the first two paragraphs changes
dramatically and gives the reader the impression that this is no
longer an idyllic place to be but one to avoid. Carson describes the
difference between the town both before and after the mystery
illnesses had struck, giving examples in the change of the town “it
was a spring without voices”, this gives the impression that once you
could hear the birds singing in the springtime, this was now gone. The
mood is sombre in the third and fourth paragraphs thus giving the
reader a different visual interpretation to the American town. The
visual picture is one of emptiness and silence, Carson wrote “there
was now no sound”.

The mood in the fifth paragraph changes again as Carson summarises
that the events described are non-fiction and didn’t take place in one
location. The events although they are non-fictional are described as
“disasters” and “tragedies”. The mood is still one of sadness as
Carson explains that the events have happened in many “real
communities” and there have been a “substantial number” of them.

In conclusion, the description given towards the wildlife,
surroundings and residents in the town give the reader the changes in
mood throughout the course

of events that take place, and although this is non-fiction the
description and use of language gives the reader a realistic vision
into future events that may occur if present practises are not revised
or changed.

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