Different Fields of Medicine

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Different Fields of Medicine

My choice of Medicine, as a career, stems from the immense
satisfaction I gain from acquiring new scientific knowledge combined
with a genuine interest in people. My commitment has been reinforced
through diverse work experience and a long standing ambition. Biology
has developed my fascination for the human body further and I enjoy
the logical nature of Chemistry.

To gain a better understanding as to what is involved in different
fields of medicine I carried out work experience in the cardiac,
orthopaedic and stroke wards at Queen Elizabeth Hospital over a period
of three weeks. Following this, was time spent at ITU, which brought
to life the use of modern medicines in life threatening conditions
while often highlighting ethical issues. Accompanying a consultant
physician in the course of his ward rounds for orthopaedic patients, I
recognized the extra challenges involved when treating the elderly.
The shadowing of a surgical consultant and visiting theatre was
extremely eye opening and I was intrigued by the multi-disciplinary
approach to patient care. Attending a specialist outpatients Cancer
clinic gave me a brief idea about the essential follow up and
palliative care required by patients suffering from such terminal
illnesses and I now appreciate the nature of teamwork necessary to
provide a high standard of patient care. Spending two weeks
accompanying a GP gave me an insight into primary health care whilst
recognising its’ importance. I am bilingual, speaking both English and
Bengali which proved useful when spending eleven days at a women’s
hospital and two weeks at a GP surgery, situated in a poor rural area
of Bangladesh; I observed difficulties in diagnosis and treatment due
to the lack of basic supplies and investigatory facilities in lesser
economically developed countries. My time in Bangladesh was
fascinating and I witnessed an epidemic outbreak of diarrhoea, I
helped to give out free oral re-hydration saline (ORS) provided by the
Lutheran charity. The completion of a First Aid course in August 2004
has helped to hone at least some of the basic practical skills

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required to practise medicine. My communication skills were put to
test while working with those who have learning and physical
disabilities, at BPCA in Tower Hamlets. Throughout my lower sixth year
I also devoted several hours a week serving community at a local

Alongside a group of students, I run an initiative which sets out to
give the third world countries fair trade. I have helped to arrange
several stalls and minor events to aid our project, this illustrates
my ability to work practically and effectively within a team. Always
eager to express myself, I have been in a number of school productions
and am an active member of the school debating club. I have been
involved in several house teams including rugby, hockey and cricket.
I also enjoy playing table tennis as well as badminton in my spare
time. I have been on the asian television show ‘shonali tv’ where I
presented my opinion on several key issues regarding the problems with
student life. I am a dedicated participant of the school house choir
and have played parts in the play on several occasions. Earlier this
year I participated in a large event known as Taal, where I greatly
enjoyed choreographing dance routines and ultimately dancing with
several of my friends in front of an audience of six hundred people.

I believe myself to be a motivated, dedicated and committed person who
would very much enjoy learning continuously throughout life and the
same time treating and helping people. There is no doubt my passion
lies within the medical field, especially after gaining immense
satisfaction from seeing the smiles on the faces of the people I have

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