Doing Three Different Adverts on the Same Event

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Doing Three Different Adverts on the Same Event

Initially my group and I had decided to do three different adverts on
the same event. We planned on doing the 3 adverts on the Suffolk show
and having each one as a different theme, for example 1 for adults, 1
for younger people and 1 simply to promote the event. However after
making a jingle to experiment with the equipment we have now decided
otherwise. We have now decided to do three different adverts on three
different local events, these events are the Suffolk Show, the Suffolk
Air Show and a music band called REM who are performing at the Ipswich
Regent. This should give us a bigger range of ideas compared to doing
the same event. We have picked a time and day of the week when we all
have spare time to get together and make our adverts. My role was to
do the editing which included keeping the sound levels constant whilst
Liam and Jack were being recorded on the microphones.

After making our jingle and learning about how the equipment works, we
have decided to keep our adverts simple for example playing a
background music with a clear voice over the top explaining the events
but at the same time to try and make it effective as well. As our
adverts are on local events we will need to try and make the tone of
the music match up with the local event for example playing REM tracks
in the REM advert to remind people of their songs. Also we will need
to consider the pace of our adverts as we have found out from our
questionnaire that more people find it easier to understand an advert
if the pace is slower. However making the advert too slow will
restrict us from how much information we can put in as we have a time
limit of 30secs so this is an important factor to consider when
writing up our advert. Something else we need to consider is making
people remember the event and how to book their tickets etc… so we

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will need to think about what to repeat such as telephone numbers and
how many times to repeat it but we need to remember our time limit and
our pace of the advert. Before we can do all this we need to catch
people’s attention to our advert and make them want to or
automatically listen to the radio. A catchy or annoying songs have
proved to work well in these situations.

In our Suffolk Show advert we have decided to keep the farm theme and
use country music and maybe occasional farmers accent to say telephone
numbers are other vital information. In our Suffolk Air Show advert we
have decided to use a lot of sound effects in the theme of airplanes
flying and maybe get the voices to shout occasionally, as this would
create atmosphere. In our REM advert as I said before we have decided
to play back a couple of REM’s hit songs to remind people of their
music and maybe encourage them to come.

Research has told us that more people listen to the radio in the
morning when they wake up, and when they drive to and home from work.
Therefore putting these adverts more in morning slots may have a
bigger effect.

Overall there are a lot of points we need to consider when making our
adverts but the main thing to keep in mind is the time limit as we
have only 20-30 seconds. This is not a lot of time at all as we
experienced from making our jingles.

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