The Affliction of Margaret

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The Affliction of Margaret

Dear Mom,

I haven’t had the chance to send a letter in a while I was captured by
the Snarlers. My soldiers and I were in the middle of a full on attack
on their base, it was going well they were down to what we thought was
their last line of defence. We nearly had the base taken but they had
called in reinforcements and sprung up behind us, it was their seventy
or more against our twenty. A hideous site, seventy of them all the
same, 6ft tall growling through gritted rows of tiny gritted teeth,
pointing their guns they look like dogs but with the tail of a
scorpion. They cuffed us and put us in vans, we all just sat their in
silence thinking of what was going to happen to us, torture
experiments or the arena.

About five hours later we were thrown out into camps me and my unit
were split up we were escorted by the Snarlers into the camp past huge
walls must have been thirty foot with massive gates although the wall
was made of stone the doors were wooden and had bars put across them
to lock them. We were put into rehabilitation is what they called it I
called it brain washing. I had been speaking to other prisoners who
were worn down after the brain washing they were planning a riot. We
had it all planned out as soon as everyone had got their soup in the
mess hall we’d start. It went brilliantly we all threw our soup over
them to burn them it did scold them and the howling, it sounded like a
pack of wolfs being slaughtered their were forty of us against eight
of them but as soon as they were scolded we took their guns and killed
them we had managed to steal a radio from one of them, we had stashed
the radio with one of the prisoners, because the ear bursting howls of
the Snarlers had attracted more. Alarms were going off all around us

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and we were surrounded, we were forced to give up but the people
holding the guns were savagely butchered in front of us. They swung
those giant tails with ease and took of the arms of one guy and left
him their to bleed to death, they just slaughtered them like cattle,
effortlessly, without one spec of guilt or conscience.

Later we putt that radio to good use, I tuned into the Main bunkers
frequency and told them the situation. They locked on to our signal
and we organised a breakout for the next morning. It was five minutes
before the breakout to of the inmates started to fighting in their
cell, this drew the guard in and the other six people in their jumped
him. We had got the keys to the cells. The timing was impeccable just
as we got the keys and the guards were charging at us the shooting
started the guards abandoned us to go and see what the shooting was
their were hundreds of helicopters, all filed with soldiers repelling
down, coming to our rescue. Every one was out of their cell we all ran
for it pushing past the war struck Snarlers, who were too distracted
to deal with us. Those bars came to be no competition for a couple of
sticks of c4, their were metal chunks all over the floor. We all made
it out and a few of us got medals for bravery beyond duty. I sent you
mine I hope it got their in one piece. By the way its only half a more
year before my national service is finished and I’ve given up smoking
so you can have my rationing coupons. I’ll write again soon,

Love from Bill

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